Telescopic Mini Umbrellas

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If you're looking to keep your customers and clients both dry and stylish, we offer a wide range of telescopic mini umbrellas. Perfectly portable, our custom printed folding umbrellas are a fantastic travel tool to promote your brand on the go. With bamboo, recycled canvases, stormproof, windproof, budget, and premium options available, there's an brolly for everyone at Sycal.

Stay Dry in Style with Custom Printed Telescopic Umbrellas

Promoting Your Brand Come Rain or Shine

When clouds gather and raindrops fall, make sure your brand shines through the gloom with our exquisite range of custom branded telescopic umbrellas. At Sycal, we understand the importance of promoting your organization while offering practical solutions, and that’s why our telescopic umbrellas are the perfect choice for showcasing your branding in a versatile and stylish way.

Why Choose Custom Branded Telescopic Umbrellas?

Imagine the delight on your client’s faces as they receive a thoughtfully branded umbrella from your organization. With our telescopic umbrellas, you’re not just offering protection from the rain – you’re providing comfort, convenience, and a touch of elegance. Here’s why they’re a fantastic choice for your promotional efforts:

Compact Elegance: Our telescopic umbrellas are designed to fit seamlessly into handbags, briefcases, and even pockets. Their compact size doesn’t compromise on quality – these mini marvels are both practical and powerful.

Unpredictable UK Weather: The British weather is famous for its unpredictability, making promotional umbrellas a timeless investment. Whether you’re gifting them to clients or equipping your team, these umbrellas are a versatile asset.

Heritage of Dependability: From the days when Jonas Hanway introduced the umbrella to Londoners in the 1750s, we’ve evolved into a nation that relies on these rain-shielding accessories. A custom branded telescopic umbrella effortlessly blends tradition with modern branding.

Impress and Unify: A stockpile of branded telescopic umbrellas is an intelligent addition to your office space. Your team will be ready for unexpected showers while maintaining a uniform and professional appearance. And don’t overlook the impact of handing an umbrella to a rainy-day visitor – it leaves a lasting impression of your business’s professionalism.

Brighten Dreary Days: Our extensive range of printed telescopic umbrellas adds a splash of vibrancy to even the grayest of days. Starting at just £3 per unit for our Value Supermini Telescopic Umbrella (dependent on order size), they are a cost-effective and eye-catching way to promote your brand.

Customisation for Every Need: With over 80 models to choose from, finding the perfect umbrella for your branding and budget is effortless. Mini umbrellas for on-the-go professionals or larger ones for sharing cover – you’re spoilt for choice.

Eco-Friendly Options: Join the sustainability movement with our eco-friendly options, featuring canopies made from recycled plastic bottles. The Fare Recycled PET Auto Mini Umbrella goes a step further with an environmentally friendly bamboo handle.

Express Delivery: Need umbrellas in a hurry for an upcoming event? Our Express Value Supermini Telescopic Umbrella can be delivered in just five working days once you’ve approved the design.

Rain or Shine, Your Brand Shines: Don’t let the weather dampen your promotional efforts. Invest in custom branded telescopic umbrellas from Sycal Merchandise and make your mark, rain or shine. Contact us today to explore our exceptional range and put your brand under cover.