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Promotional Products for Brand Box

The Brand Box from Sycal is a mailable gift box that you can add to with whichever promotional items of your choice. These customisable boxes provide you with plenty of flexibility and essentially allow you to build your own box of gifts.

You can choose any item you’d like but to make it easier, we’ve created a range of top promotional products that you can browse through for inspiration. You can choose if you’d like all your products branded or just the box itself, there’s no limit to how you brand your gift.

With bespoke boxes, you aren’t limited by size or weight so you can choose the exact merchandise that suits your campaign. Once packed we can ship your promotional present to individual or bulk addresses.

Whether it’s thanking staff for their hard work with an appreciation present, organising an event giveaway, following up with clients with information. Our Brand Boxes can promote your brand in any way you choose.

This range is just a selection of possibilities but anything in our catalogue and website can be included inside a Brand Box. Even if there’s a product that you can’t find and would like to include, get in touch and we’ll help.