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Promotional Umbrellas

Making Your Brand Stand Out Whatever The Weather

Did you know that the UK experiences an average of 156 days of rainfall per year? No matter the season, a custom branded umbrella is a fantastic promotional gift to promote your brand, whilst keeping your customers and colleagues dry. Whether you’re looking to source golf umbrellas or pocket-sized brollies, Sycal is here for you, whatever the weather.

Best Selling Promotional Umbrellas

Build Your Bespoke Brolly

Various methods of printing are available to achieve your design including digital, sublimation, and screen printing.

Plenty of customisation options, including domed handles, tie wrap and sleeve printing.

Match your canopy to an exact Pantone. Additional options to match frames and handles as well, for 500 units.

Since 1983, we’ve been putting customised and branded umbrellas into the hands of customers across the globe. Custom branded in a wide range of styles, we can personalise our umbrellas to showcase your brand logo, colour scheme, and marketing message perfectly.

At Sycal, we traditionally offer three main styles of promotional umbrellas:

1. The Promotional Golf Umbrella: Originally designed for those playing 18-holes, the golf umbrella is our largest traditional brolly. Averaging at a 30-inch design, golf umbrellas are there to provide as much coverage from the rain as possible. These umbrellas have the benefit of offering more canopy to print on and promote your organisation.

2. The Traditional Promotional Umbrella: Sized between 20 and 23 inches, these brollies offer less coverage than golf umbrellas, but are far more practical and convenient to carry, and often offer more functionality options. With wind and storm proof models available, as well as more choice of handles, traditional umbrellas are a fantastic option for your next marketing campaign.

3. The Promotional Mini-Umbrella: Also known as telescopic umbrellas, these brollies are the height of practicality. From fitting inside a small handbag to weather protection at the click of a button, these pint-sized powerhouses are fantastic tools for promoting your brand.

If you’re looking for specific functionalities, we offer umbrella models that feature reflective elements and torches for the darker evenings, wind and stormproof ribs for the heaviest weather, and vented options for easy breathability.

With more eco-friendly options available, you can get promotional umbrellas made from bamboo and recycled materials, designed to be more sustainable. Our IMPACT AWARE range offers genuine recycled fabric materials and water reduction impact claims proven through the AWARE disruptive physical tracer and blockchain technology. With the focus on water, 2% of the proceeds of each Impact product sold will be donated to The average IMPACT AWARE umbrella canopy saves 4,5 litres of water and is made of 7,5 PET bottles (500ml).


Whether you have an upcoming marketing campaign, event, or promotional drive, Sycal is here to help.

With decades of experience and success at your disposal, speak to our team of branded merchandise experts today.

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Branded Umbrellas Tailored for Visibility

Embrace the downpour as an opportunity to parade your brand in public with Sycal’s Custom Branded Umbrellas. These aren’t your average umbrellas; they’re canvases for your brand’s logo, style, and message, transforming every rainy day into a promotional runway. Prepare to leave a lasting impression in the marketing world!

Discover the powerful advertising potential of umbrellas, acting as mobile advertisements for your brand. From the vibrant Colorado Rainbow umbrella to the elegant Lucy 23″ model, your brand will be the protagonist, no matter the weather.

The unpredictable British weather of 2022 revealed the true temperament of our climate. With rain falling on an average of 156 days a year, it’s always the right moment to distribute your custom-branded umbrellas. Our collection ranges from golf to midsize, and telescopic to classic, ensuring there’s an umbrella to match every personality and situation, rain or shine.

Imagine your brand, boldly displayed on a personalized umbrella, making a statement against the backdrop of the British drizzle. The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) notes that nearly 45% of Americans use umbrellas featuring logos. Given the UK’s familiarity with rain, it’s clear that custom umbrellas can become a staple of outdoor accessories here too. These promotional items are known to last around 14 months, generating up to 1,400 impressions, effectively broadcasting your brand far and wide.

Our Custom Golf Umbrellas are designed not only for golf enthusiasts but for anyone facing the forecast of rain. From light showers to torrential downpours, these umbrellas provide ample coverage for your brand. Our Promo Budget Golf Umbrellas offer an affordable option without sacrificing visibility.

Experience the durability of British craftsmanship with our Fibrestorm Golf Umbrellas, designed to withstand the toughest storms while keeping your brand in the spotlight.

Our Telescopic Custom Umbrellas offer big branding opportunities in a compact, portable form, ideal for the hustle and bustle of daily commutes and student life. Small in size but huge in impact, these umbrellas ensure your brand gets noticed.

Why wait for clear skies to promote your brand? Dive into our extensive selection of custom branded umbrellas – from golf to walking, and telescopic styles, we have everything you need to make your brand stand out, even on the rainiest days. Reach out to us now and let your brand dazzle on the streets, irrespective of the weather!


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