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Our branded novelty gifts help add a touch of fun to your promotional message. From the latest crazes, like the silicone push popping fidget toy, to well-known toys, such as the custom Rubik cube, our novelty gift range has something for every type of audience. Whether you're targeting your next campaign at children or professionals, we can help add some fun to their day. In our range, you'll find some novelty items that are eco-friendly, like our recycled plastic and wooden yoyos. Even our custom Rubik cube is made from recycled plastics with full branding capabilities.

Custom Branded Novelty Gifts

Adding a Touch of Fun to Your Brand!

At Sycal, we believe that a little fun goes a long way, and that’s why we offer an exciting range of custom branded novelty gifts. From classic toys like the Rubik’s Cube to trendy fidget toys and everything in between, our selection is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Novelty Gifts for All Ages and Occasions

Our novelty gift range caters to every type of audience. Whether you’re targeting children or professionals, we’ve got something that will add some fun to their day. Picture this – a silicone push-popping fidget toy for a stress-relieving moment or a custom Rubik’s cube made from recycled plastics with full branding capabilities! Even our recycled plastic and wooden yo-yos are eco-friendly options.

Be Memorable with Novelty Giveaways

Make your next campaign one to remember with our delightful novelty gifts. Perfect for giveaways at events and charities, these gifts are sure to leave a lasting impression. Brighten up your colleagues’ and clients’ desks by leaving them a playful surprise that will have them smiling all day long.

Add Some Playful Twist to Your Marketing Campaign

Promotional novelty items are the perfect way to showcase your business’s playful side while still delivering exceptional service. Elevate your brand visibility with a 48-Piece Card Puzzle featuring your latest campaign imagery or a Full-Colour Stress Relief Colouring Book, complete with branded colouring pencils for a delightful gift set.

Novelty Merchandise for All Occasions

Our assortment of printed novelty items caters to various occasions. From table-top distractions to keep minds active during corporate conferences to goodie bag extras for industry events, we’ve got you covered. Get creative with options like the Helter Skelter Beaker or indulge in pure entertainment with the irresistible Groan Tube.

Eco-Friendly Fun

If you’re environmentally conscious, our range of eco-friendly options is here to impress. Opt for the Clap Banner or the Wooden Eco YoYo to showcase your brand with a green touch.

Kids and Adults Alike Love Our Novelty Gifts

It’s not just the little ones who will adore our novelty items; even adults can’t resist! Whether you go for classic choices like the printed Rubber Duck or contemporary favorites like the branded Snafooz Puzzle, everyone will be eager to get their hands on them.

Promote, Play, and Smile with Custom Branded Novelty Gifts

At Sycal, we’re committed to making your marketing campaign fun, memorable, and effective. Choose from our extensive assortment of custom branded novelty gifts and let the playful side of your brand shine through. From toys and games to gadgets, we’ve got the perfect items to add a touch of joy to your promotions. Don’t wait – start spreading smiles today!