Trolley Tokens

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Branded trolley tokens are great value practical products. This supermarket saviour comes on a handy keyring so that customers can keep their trolley coins close. Our trolley tokens also come in holders to make them easier and more convenient to use. We can replicate your brand identity onto plastic, ceramic, or metal coin tokens, designed to stand out with practical benefits. 

Custom Branded Trolley Tokens

Unlock Promotional Potential with Personalised Trolley Coins

Make a lasting impression on UK shoppers and beyond with our plastic promotional trolley coins, also known as “trolley tokens.” These coin keyrings are a lifesaver for supermarket shoppers who forget their £1 coin, and they serve multiple purposes, including coin-activated lockers at gyms and staff rooms. At Sycal, we offer a wide range of branded trolley coins, most of which are made from lightweight and 100% recycled plastic. By adding these promotional trolley coins to keyrings, you ensure your customers are never stuck without a coin or a trolley, all while keeping your branding visible.

1. Eye-catching and Functional Branding

Many of our plastic trolley coin keyrings can be printed with your logo in full colour, guaranteeing unmissable branding. These lightweight and high-impact keyrings are a fantastic way to generate daily awareness for your business and make a striking addition to any bunch of keys. Stand out even more with our Rectangle Combo Trolley Coin Keyfob or Oval Combo Trolley Coin Keyfob, both featuring a 12-sided plastic trolley token and a generously-sized fob for additional branding potential.

2. Mail-Friendly Promotional Coins

Planning a mail-out campaign? Our Printed Trolley Coin Clips can be gummed onto letters or presented in glass bowls for a help-yourself giveaway that people won’t be able to resist. Printed with your design in full colour on one or both sides, these trolley coin clips are functional, trendy, and highly effective at keeping your brand on top of mind.

3. Locker-Friendly Tokens

Don’t limit the use of your branded trolley coins to shopping alone. They are also suitable for coin-activated lockers at sports clubs, gyms, and swimming pools. Providing customers and staff with trolley coin keyrings will not only make their lives easier but also keep their belongings secure. We also offer a range of metal branded trolley coins for added durability and style.

Choose Eco-Friendly Options

At Sycal, we believe in sustainability. That’s why we offer printed trolley coins made from eco-friendly materials like recycled plastic and biodegradable plant fibres. With these eco options, your brand can make a positive impact on the planet while still promoting your business effectively.

Promote with Convenience and Value

Branded trolley tokens are not only a budget-friendly option but also highly practical. They accompany your customers wherever they go, ensuring repeated exposure to your brand. Whether you’re targeting shoppers, gym-goers, or event attendees, custom branded trolley tokens offer convenience and value for your marketing campaigns.

Explore our Range of Plastic & Acrylic Keyrings

In addition to trolley coins, we supply a wide range of plastic and acrylic keyrings, including novelty keyrings. So why wait? Enhance your promotional efforts with our custom branded trolley tokens and explore our full range of keyring options today. At Sycal, we are dedicated to helping your brand shine, so get in touch to discuss the perfect option for your business and marketing needs.