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When it comes to events and exhibitions, making a great first impression can really make a difference. If you're surrounded by competitors, make sure your brand creates a lasting moment with prospective clients with promotional branded event giveaways. Whether you're looking for something as simple as a custom branded pen, or something to make your display stand out more, we've got what you need.

Custom Branded Event Merchandise and Giveaways

Make a Lasting Impression

Leave a Lasting Impression with Branded Event Merchandise

As events across the UK reopen post-lockdown, creating the right brand impression for potential customers has never been more crucial. With Sycal’s range of custom-branded event merchandise and giveaways, you can ensure that all visitors are wowed by what they see, leaving a lasting impact long after the event has ended.

Tailored Giveaways for Every Business

Regardless of your target demographic or marketing budget, we have cool event giveaways to suit every business. From promotional teddy bears and custom badges to branded fridge magnets and packets of printed mints, our wide range of items can be taken home and enjoyed, creating a memorable and long-lasting impression of your brand.

More Than Just Swag: Meaningful Brand Awareness

Certain items like our best-selling printed Silicone Wristbands can be worn long after your event, while others, like our adorable Robbie Teddy Bears, create meaningful and enduring brand awareness. Our extensive collection of branded stress balls offers over 100 different options to suit every industry.

Stand Out with Branded Signage

Create an impressive brand presence with our range of custom-branded banners, balloons, bunting, and more. Whether you’re holding an outdoor festival, a family event, or an indoor exhibition, our promotional merchandise ensures your business gets the visibility it deserves. From eco-friendly custom balloons to reusable roll-up banners, we have options to fit all budgets and themes.

Elevate Your Event with Branded Gazebos

For outdoor events, our branded gazebos are guaranteed to draw attention to your company logo, while also keeping your staff protected from unpredictable weather. Don’t forget the little touches either – our best-selling Rectangular Polyester Tablecloths add an extra splash of corporate pride to any event space.

Smart and Professional Staff Appearance

Ensure your team looks smart and professional with our range of branded name badges and lanyards. Dressing your staff to look the part not only creates the right impression but also makes them instantly recognizable to potential customers. Choose from a variety of options, including Hanging Clip Badges or Metal Staff Name Badges, to suit your brand’s image.

Make Your Brand Unforgettable

Our promotional lanyards and lanyard accessories, including Antibacterial Lanyards and Natural Cotton Lanyards, are perfect for keeping staff ID cards secure and visible. Total Merchandise has been the heart and soul of business events across the UK for years, providing all the company giveaways you need to add that extra-special touch to your upcoming occasion.

Eco-Friendly Options for a Greener Event

Discover our range of eco-friendly items to promote your brand in a more planet-friendly way. Reduce your carbon footprint with UK-made merchandise, making your brand shine at eco-conscious events.

Explore the Full Range: Your One-Stop Event Merchandise Shop

From lanyards and wristbands to sweets and drinks, stress toys, and giveaways, our extensive range of event merchandise has everything you need to make your event stand out. Show off your brand, create memorable impressions, and promote your business effectively with Sycal’s custom-branded event merchandise and giveaways. Get the party started today!