At Sycal, we understand that building a merchandise pack is no easy task.
There’s so much choice in our product range that the process of picking the right items can be overwhelming!

That’s why we’ve put together a selection of packs with ideal and best-selling merchandise. Each pack can be purchased from 25 units and products can be switched or removed depending on what works for your pack purpose.

Budget Corporate Pack

Price from: £13.33

Standard Corporate Pack

Price from: £19.60

red eco corporate merchandise pack

Eco Corporate Pack

Price from: £19.24

Branded packs are perfect for:

• Appreciation gifts
• New Starters
• Welcome Packs
• Events
• Prospecting
• Giveaways

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building your personalised pack

As a standard, each box will come with a full-colour sticker seal, however, we can help elevate your boxes an extra step should you wish to make your products stand out further. From fully bespoke branded boxes to logo belly bands, custom paper sleeves or a simple but clean plain package, there are no limits to how you can present your merchandise packs.

Branded boxes can be budget-friendly for bulk giveaways or elaborate gifts that showcase your brand and make an impact. If any of our pre-set packs don’t quite work for your budget, we can help find alternative items at a lower cost.

Create your own

Our pre-designed packs are great starting points, but we understand that they aren’t suitable for every occasion and event. That’s why we’re happy to help you build your own bespoke packs.

Check out a wide range of drinkwarenotepadspensstationerygadgetseco-friendly options, and more, and decide what you’d like to fill your box with.

Whichever merchandise you choose, we’ll find the perfect packaging to fit all your items. Once all your items have been packed in our warehouse, we’ll prepare for dispatch to either individual or bulk addresses.

Merchandise Gift Boxes We’ve Created

Branded merchandise packs offer an ingenious solution for businesses aiming to elevate their promotional efforts. These meticulously curated swag packs are not just a token gesture but a strategic tool for brand visibility and loyalty.

By supplying swag packs as promotional merchandise, businesses can effectively imprint their brand identity onto tangible items, fostering a lasting impression among recipients. Whether it’s customised apparel, trendy accessories, or practical gadgets, each item serves as a tangible representation of the brand’s values and personality.

Moreover, these swag packs not only enhance brand recognition but also create a sense of belonging among recipients, strengthening customer relationships and fostering brand advocacy. As a result, investing in branded merchandise packs not only amplifies promotional endeavors but also cultivates a loyal customer base, driving long-term business growth.