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Pets merchandise helps even furry little friends get involved with promotion. As well as great gifts our range works as promotional branding ideas for pet-related businesses. Whether you're looking to dress up your dog in style with our dog bandana or provide your pets with a travel-friendly food bowl. Our range can help get your pets on board with your next promotional campaign. You can use our promotional pet products for animal training classes, pet events, dog kennels, shows, or for home use. If there's something in particular related to pets and you can't see it in our range, get in touch and we can help source the perfect merchandise.

Custom Branded Pet Merchandise and Equipment

Unleash Your Brand’s Paw-sibilities!

Welcome to the world of tail-wagging, purring, and downright adorable promotional opportunities with Sycal’s custom branded pet merchandise and equipment collection. If you’re ready to put your brand on the map while embracing the charm of our four-legged friends, you’re in for a treat! Our range of personalised pet products isn’t just effective; it’s the cat’s whiskers when it comes to grabbing attention, raising brand awareness, and making your customers grin from ear to ear.

Pawsitive Pet Market Trends: Tailoring to the Furry Demographic

We’ve all heard of the dog days of summer, but what about the cat naps of winter? With over 10.7 million feline friends stretching and snoozing across the UK, the pet owner demographic is a paw-some opportunity for businesses like yours. The pandemic has only heightened the demand for furry companions, and guess what? Your brand can become a part of their daily lives too! At Sycal, we’ve fetched a range of custom branded pet products that’ll keep tongues wagging – and not just about how cute your pet is (though we can’t deny their irresistible charm).

Catwalk-Worthy Custom Branded Cat Accessories

Ever thought a custom branded cat bandana or bowtie could be the cat’s meow? It might sound as quirky as a cat’s curiosity, but these products are no laughing matter when it comes to leaving a lasting impression. Picture this: a custom printed cat bandana or bowtie, designed to slip onto your pet’s collar and strut your brand in style. And it’s not just for cats! Dogs can rock these too, because we’ve got sizes that fit their boundless enthusiasm.

Collar-ing Attention with Custom Printed Cat Collars

Does your brand want to be as noticeable as a cat’s stare? Our custom printed cat collars are just the ticket! Crafted from recycled plastic bottles, these collars aren’t just eco-friendly; they’re eye-catching, too. We’ll even match them to your brand’s colours, ensuring your message is loud and clear. And don’t think we stop at collars. From food bowls to poop scoops, we’ve got an array of custom-branded cat merchandise that’ll leave your logo imprinted in their minds.

For Cats and Dogs: Partners in Paw-someness

We’re not here to play favourites – cats and dogs alike can flaunt your brand with flair! Whether it’s adjustable dog bandanas, printed pet bowls, or dog leads, our range caters to both ends of the leash. Need a gift that encourages responsible dog-walking practices? Our pooper scoopers and waste dispenser bags have got you covered – literally.

Get Your Paws in the Promotion Game

National Pet Month isn’t just about furry cuddles; it’s a chance for businesses to embrace responsible pet ownership. Vets, groomers, dog walkers, charities, and even pet shops – there’s a branded pet product for everyone! At Sycal, we’re a bunch of animal enthusiasts, and we know that pets aren’t just companions; they’re family. Whether you’re selling these products or giving them away, you’re embedding your brand into daily routines and hearts.

From Pet Beds to Water Bowls: Where Promotion Meets Paw-sibilities

So, whether you’re tapping into National Pet Month or crafting a pet-themed marketing campaign, our selection will make tails wag and hearts melt. From cosy beds for catnaps to collapsible water bowls for on-the-go adventures, your brand will be a constant presence in the lives of pet lovers everywhere.

Don’t wait any longer – dive into the world of custom branded pet merchandise and equipment with Sycal. Our products aren’t just pet-friendly; they’re promotion-friendly too. Get ready to unleash your brand’s paw-sibilities like never before!