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Mints are confectionery that can be impactful all year round and appealing to everyone. Great for giveaways especially at events and tradeshows to keep you feeling fresh all day. We have a range of different dispensers to suit every budget and reflect every business, including, tins, tubes, cards, eco-friendly pots, wrapped packets and flip-lid pots. All of these containers make this promotional product easy to carry around and always have on hand.

Custom Branded Mints

Freshen Up Your Brand With Promotional Mints

At Sycal, we believe that branded mints are a refreshing and impactful way to promote your brand all year round. These delightful confectionery treats appeal to everyone and offer a unique and practical promotional opportunity. Whether you’re planning giveaways at events, or tradeshows, or simply want to leave a fresh impression, custom branded mints are the perfect choice.

Stay Fresh, Stay Memorable

  1. Mints for Every Occasion: Our range of custom branded mints include various dispensers to suit every budget and complement any business. From sleek tins and tubes to eco-friendly pots and wrapped packets, we have a wide selection of containers to make your promotional mints easy to carry around and always at hand.
  2. Convenience and Practicality: Branded mints are the ideal giveaway for events and tradeshows. As your potential customers go about their day, your mint dispenser will keep them feeling fresh and invigorated, ensuring your brand stays at the forefront of their minds.

Boost Your Brand with Mints

  1. TicTac: A Trusted Brand: With the TicTac fresh mint box, you can align your brand with a well-known, professional name. Associating your business with a popular brand like TicTac adds a touch of credibility and familiarity to your promotional efforts.
  2. Pocket-Sized Promotion: The peppermint card offers a simple and discreet way to carry mints around throughout the day. Its compact size allows recipients to slip it effortlessly into their pockets or bags, ensuring your branding is always on hand and reliable.

The Versatile On-the-Go Promotional Tool

  1. Tradeshows and Events: At events and tradeshows, where first impressions matter, custom branded mints are a memorable and practical giveaway. As attendees indulge in the refreshing taste, your brand logo will be right in the palm of their hands, fostering positive associations with your business.
  2. Daily Use and Brand Recall: Beyond events, branded mints become a daily-use item for recipients. As they carry your mints in their bags, pockets, or cars, your brand message travels with them, reminding them of your business whenever they reach for a minty refreshment.

Freshen Up Your Branding with Sycal

Custom branded mints from Sycal are the perfect tool to keep your brand fresh in the minds of your audience. With a range of dispensers and packaging options, you can choose the one that best represents your business. Embrace the versatility and appeal of custom branded mints and make a lasting impression on your target customers.