Power Banks

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Custom Branded Power Banks

Super-charging your promotional marketing

Did you know that 90% of mobile smart device users suffer from something called “Low Battery Anxiety?” A sensation of fear, worry, and dread when your phone starts to dip into the red and in need of a little juice. It should come as no shock to understand why custom branded power banks have become one of the most popular promotional merchandise products over the last few years.

With so many phone variations, battery requirements, and functionalities, finding the most effective power bank charger for your customers, clients, or colleagues, can be a little tricky. Don’t worry, Sycal is here to help.

With our over-reliance on mobile technologies, we need to help create custom-branded promotional power banks to fit all phone needs, completely customised to feature your brands’ logo, colour scheme, or marketing message. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly product or deluxe power bank options, we’ve got the promotional portable phone charger for you.

Powerful Promotional Power Banks

If you’re looking for a custom branded power bank that can charge your device multiple times, we offer a range of absolute monstrous phone charger options designed to keep your device in the green continuously.

Both practical and multifunction, we offer a selection of custom power banks ranging between 10,000 mAh and 20,000 mAh, meaning that they can charge the latest model iPhone to 100% from flat at least four times.

Big power comes in small packages with our wide range of pocket-sized power banks! Although they might not be able to completely charge a phone to 100% from flat, these mini-devices can give you a boost of juice when you need it most.

Designed to be compact, these models of power bank can be added to your keyring or wallet for accessibility.

Did you know that promotional branded power banks can be environmentally conscious?

Rather than being manufactured with single-use plastics, these corporate gifts can be made from wheat straw fibres, cork, bamboo, and biodegradable plastic polymers.