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At Sycal, we are committed to running our organisation in a manner which is deemed both ethical, environmentally conscious, and socially responsible. From our sourcing and manufacturing processes to the way in which we build and maintain relationships, we are proud to adhere to principles that ensure our company acts responsibly, both internally and externally.



At Sycal, we conduct our business in a manner deemed as environmentally conscious as possible on a daily basis. We are aware of our environmental impact, and are continuously looking for new ways to reduce it.

We ensure that all of our recyclable materials are recycled properly, and that all potentially wasted materials are minimised and disposed of in the proper manner. Due to our reliance on shipping and delivery, we make sure that all of our logistics providers are either carbon neutral, or actively taking steps to lower their environmental impact.

We will continue to actively promote our eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable product ranges to help our clients choose more environmentally responsible merchandise options.

Ethical Transparency

We ensure that our company operates in a transparent manner always. Whether it regards our products, supply chain or our values, we endeavour to be transparent and honest with our clients, customers and staff. We ensure that our clients’ ethical values are not compromised by our product ranges and will only source merchandise that will represent their environmental identity.

We ensure that every part of our supply chain is compliant with all industry and national laws, as well as the principles of the International Labour Laws (ILO) and the Ethical Trading Imitative (ETI). As a company who wants to eliminate child labour across the world, we have taken measures to ensure that these practices are not used by any our supply chain.

We are a proud member of Sedex and source goods from other Sedex members wherever possible.