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Clothing and Workwear

Branded clothing and workwear provides the opportunity for people to wear your logo and promote your brand. Having branded clothing can make your team or customers feel as though they belong while representing your business.  Promotional clothing is practical, reusable and offered in a variety of garments to match your business identity.

Our range includes many different garments and accessories from socks to tops, hats to sunglasses. You can find aprons, and high-vis, classic caps and scarfs, just to name a few. All of our items can be customised, printed and embroidered to promote your business or company.

You can start your own webstore with our fulfilment options, allowing customers to purchase your clothing. Maybe start creating a range of workwear garments for your employees to wear at work. Or perhaps you want a stand out giveaway item people can walk way wearing. Whatever you need promotional clothing for, wearable merchandise provides repeated visibility to your brand.