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Custom Printed Diaries and Calendars

Keeping Plans in Style in 2024

As we come to the twilight of 2023, it’s time to start looking to January and how you can promote your brand in the new year.

Let’s be honest, some people may find promotional diaries and calendars a little too traditional when it comes to promotional marketing. Why spend marketing budgets on these custom branded tools when a free digital alternative is just phone screen tap away.

Some people may think that the day of the diary has gone… but they’d be wrong.

In fact; over the last decade, the demand for custom branded diaries, calendars, notebooks, and sticky notes has remained strong and even grown in certain areas. Across offices in the UK, there is still a desire to utilise physical products over digital counterparts for productivity, so why not utilise this in your next promotional marketing campaign?

If you’re interested in learning the science of why people may prefer using physical materials, check out our previous blog here.

Custom branded diaries

Diaries are an incredible tool that keeps us on schedule, wherever we are.

At Sycal, we offer a wide range of custom branded diaries, designed to be personalised to showcase your branding or marketing message all year long. From the front cover to the back page, you can tailor our diaries to feature your branding, colour scheme, logos and imagery. With full-colour printing options, we can represent your brand on every single page. With the option to add extras like metallic or foil embossing, you can give your logos a professional feel.

If you’re looking for something truly bespoke, a number of our current notebook offerings can be filled with a traditional diary or bespoke diary pages, allowing you to personalise them in any way you see fit!

Popular options like the Cafeco have textured covers manufactured from recycled coffee cups and other cafe waste that would have otherwise ended up in landfill!

The Never-Ending Promotional Diary

When it comes to looking to the future, there’s one diary that stands out from the pack. The Rocketbook: Everyday Planner is the perfect gift if you want to lower your reliance on paper.

Designed to be used again and again, this notebook has been described as “the galaxy’s first guilt-free planner.”

Packed with 48 reusable pages, 8 different page types including daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly planning pages. Simply write in the planner, scan the code with your phone, and your notes, plans, and events will be uploaded to the cloud. Once you want to write in it again, simply wipe it clean with water and start again.

The never-ending diary with pages that will last until 2080!

Custom Branded Desk Calendars

Although we still offer a wide range of custom branded traditional hanging calendars, our range of desk calendars are a popular option to add a little more practicality to your future planning.

With options to add additional functionalities like notepads, sticky notes, and penholders, these branded calendars can showcase your brand all year round to your customers and colleagues.

For more information about planning for 2024, speak to a member of our team today. Call us on 01234 841741 or email us at, we’re happy to help.