The positives of promotional pens and paper

How your brain might benefit from branded notebooks

When you consider how many cost-effective gadgets and promotional technology options are currently available, it may come as a surprise to find out that promotional pens and paper products are still rising in popularity amongst a wide range of clients and demographics.

With convenient apps at our disposal, we can capture and save information more efficiently than ever before. However, more and more scientific studies are proving that taking notes by hand can greatly improve our brain functions in ways that digital counterparts can’t.

Putting brains to pen to paper

Although a laptop or a smartphone may seem like a faster way of taking notes, research has found that this “non-generative” method doesn’t actually require our brains to process information. In contrast, when we take notes by hand, we stimulate our brains to help transform the information into something physical, which leads to a deeper understanding of the subject in question.

Later studies have found that information that has been written down by hand is significantly easier for our brains to remember than notes typed on a computer.

All in all, using notebooks is a win-win!


Your notebooks – Your style

When spoken about in regards to promotional marketing, notebooks are one of the most versatile branded products available to help showcase your logo and messaging.

Today, we’re taking a look at some of the most innovative and unique promotional notebooks that can help boost your brand, as well as your customers’ brains.

Recycled Branded Notebooks

With environmental concerns growing, more of us are making the move towards more sustainable materials. When we all start making purchasing decisions based on environmental, social, or conscious values, we can start making real change in the world.

Today, we can create beautiful and practical branded notebooks made from unusual recycled discarded products like apple peels.

Understated and stylish, the Appeel Notepad is a fantastic novel promotional gift option designed to make your brand stand out. Not only is the journal eco-friendly and sustainably manufactured, but it’s also made of ground-up apple peels. All 192 pages of paper are produced from apple peels, vegetable fibres, and nothing else.

The smooth and stylish cover not only looks great but is made from a combination of 70% scrapped and recycled leather materials and 30% emulsified apple peels.

With cover printing and embossing options available, advertising pages on the inside, and presentation boxes to stylise, there are countless opportunities to showcase and promote your brand and messaging.


The Neverending Notebook

Despite only offering eight blank pages, the Rocketbook Everlast will lower your paper consumption without having to compromise on productivity. Once you’ve finished writing, doodling, or sketching in the book, simply transfer your notes to the cloud with a handy free app, and wipe the page clean.

Then you’re ready to reuse the same paper again!

Constructed from synthetic materials, the Rocketbook is designed for the digital age but with traditional consumers in mind. Combine the importance of hand-written note taken, with the practicality of digital storage.


Antimicrobial Pens

Preventing the spread of harmful germs and bacteria has never been important than it is right now, but with new biocide additives, it’s never been easier.

Injected with a special antimicrobial additive across 100% of the surface of the product, antimicrobial pens suppress the growth and survival of any bacteria that comes into contact with it. A great branded promotional gift for the current climate.

Branded Pens Made From Coffee

Did you know that 50,000,000,000kg of coffee ground get produced and wasted per year?

So, why not put that waste to good use with the Coffee Pen. Made from 40% reused coffee grounds, these pens are a great promotional gift option for those wanting to promote greener living.

These pens are made from 40% coffee grounds and 60% ABS plastic, which is both recycled and recyclable, and longer-lasting than PVC alternatives.



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