Every year on June 8th, World Ocean Day reminds us of the critical role our oceans play in sustaining life on Earth. This year’s theme, “One Ocean, One Climate, Our Future – Together,” underscores the vital connection between healthy oceans and a healthy planet. As marketers and businesses, we have an opportunity to not only promote our brands but also make a positive impact on the environment through our promotional campaigns.

Our oceans are facing an unprecedented threat from plastic pollution. Estimates suggest that 80% of marine debris comes from plastic sources. Furthermore, water usage in manufacturing is a major concern. For example, producing just one kilogram of cotton can require a staggering 20,000 litres of water.

At Sycal, we understand the importance of environmental responsibility. That’s why we offer a wide range of eco-friendly promotional products that help you promote your brand while protecting our oceans and minimising your environmental footprint.

Impact Aware Collection: This dynamic range of merchandise, including bags, clothing, umbrellas, and drinkware, is crafted from recycled PET (plastic bottles) and cotton. But the impact goes beyond the materials. Two per cent of proceeds from every Impact Aware product are donated directly to Water.org, a non-profit organization working to bring clean water to communities in need. What’s more, each item boasts full supply chain traceability, allowing you and your customers to see the positive journey your branded merchandise takes.

Did you know that choosing recycled cotton products can significantly reduce water usage in the manufacturing process? Compared to regular cotton production, recycled cotton saves an estimated 765,000 litres of water per tonne. Explore Sycal’s collection of recycled cotton tote bags, duffel bags, and backpacks – stylish and sustainable choices for your next promotional campaign.

Plastic pollution in the oceans is a critical issue. The solution? Reusable drinkware! Sycal offers a variety of options crafted from recycled materials like plastic, waste, wheat straw, and bamboo. Our H2O Eco screw cap bottle is a prime example. Made in the UK using Prevented Ocean Plastic – plastic collected from coastlines before it enters the ocean – this bottle exemplifies our commitment to sustainability. By choosing Sycal’s reusable drinkware, you’re not just promoting your brand, you’re helping to protect our oceans and support communities involved in preventing plastic pollution.

Our choices, as individuals and businesses, have a significant impact on the planet. By embracing sustainable practices and choosing eco-friendly promotional products, we can all play a part in protecting our precious oceans. Sycal is here to help you make a positive impact. Explore our range of sustainable promotional merchandise and let’s celebrate World Ocean Day by working together to ensure a healthier future for our planet.

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