Here at Sycal, we are constantly evolving to become a more environmentally responsible company in all elements of our work. We’re committed to minimising our impact on the planet and giving back through innovative initiatives. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce a recent milestone: we’ve funded the planting of our 20,000th tree thanks to our incredible customers and Ecologi!

Ecologi is a remarkable organisation dedicated to global reforestation and environmental protection. They achieve this by planting trees and funding crucial environmental projects worldwide, combating climate change head-on. With over 20,000 businesses and 44,000 individual members, Ecologi boasts an impressive track record: over 80 million trees planted across 43 countries, contributing to the avoidance of 3.2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions!

sycal ecologi tree planting

At Sycal, for every order exceeding £750, we proudly fund the planting of 10 trees through Ecologi. This partnership allows us to directly contribute to global reforestation efforts while supporting our customers’ environmental goals. As of today, we’ve surpassed our previous achievement, reaching the incredible milestone of 20,000 trees planted!

Our collaboration with Ecologi extends beyond tree planting. We also invest in projects specifically designed to offset the carbon footprint of our dedicated staff. These impactful projects include:

  • Wind power generation in Thailand
  • The first-ever wind power project in Honduras
  • Amazon rainforest preservation in Brazil
  • Solar power initiatives in India

Through these combined efforts, we’ve successfully avoided 151.81 tonnes of CO2e and contributed to the planting of over 20,000 trees!

Sycal is proud to partner with the Eden Reforestation Project, an organization that ensures fair wages and socioeconomic support for local communities involved in tree planting. This fosters sustainable development alongside environmental restoration.

With every Sycal order, we continue to plant trees in Mozambique, Kenya, Madagascar, Tanzania, and Argentina. Our mangrove restoration projects boast an impressive 80%+ survival rate, with natural regeneration occurring as these trees mature.

A huge thank you to all our customers who’ve helped us reach this incredible milestone! Together, we’re making a positive impact on the planet. Ready to join us in planting the future? Explore how your next order can contribute to global reforestation. Contact our team today! Call us on 01234 841741 or email us at