Charity Promotional Merchandise

When it comes to helping local charities, we’ve got it in the tote bag!

Sports Traider is a fantastic charity that helps disadvantaged children and young people get into sports to help them fulfil their ambitions and potential.

Alongside organisations like Boots, EA Sports, Debenhams, and Madfx Clothing, we chose to support Sports Traider in their Christmas appreciation campaign designed to reward their peer mentors.

The concept was to create a bundle of gifts to say thank you to the charity’s young carers. For this, we created 100 custom branded “appreciation bags” to store the carers’ deserved gifts.

The campaign was featured in local media outlets, and was well received by both Sports Traider and their recipients.

Later in 2020, we offered our services to help with their campaign focusing on young carers and helping victims of domestic abuse.

In December 2021, we were updated again with how the totes had been used to further support the charity and their donations.

Appreciation bags were given to young carers across Bedfordshire and ‘Love Yourself’ bags were created on behalf of Yorkshire Police by Sports Traider to provide to victims of domestic abuse. 

The ‘Love Yourself’ bags were also supplied to FACES, a Bedford based charity, to gift to teens and young adults. Each bag was filled with cosmetics and wellbeing gifts collected by the charity.