This year, we began working with A Good Thing, an organisation that focuses on distributing unwanted items and products to charities, preventing them from ending up in landfills.

Their idea was simple: “businesses are generating too much waste, while many charities are in need of resources. What if we could connect the two?

Since 2021, the organisation has been helping charities across the UK gain access to resources they need for free.

During the pandemic, we wanted to ensure the safety of our customers and colleagues both professionally and personally and invested in KN95 face protectors. As safety restrictions lifted and demand for PPE began to dip, we retained a surplus of masks. Rather than disposing of these, A Good Thing helped us match our surplus with six charities that had a demand for protective equipment.

Thanks to their incredible work, our masks have since gone on to help,,,,, and

It goes without saying that if there’s anything in our warehouse or offices we no longer need, we’ll be using A Good Thing again.

Paddy Townsley Sycal Marketing