Plastic Bag Free Day

Ditching single use plastic bags for eco-friendly alternatives

On average a plastic bag is used for 25 minutes yet takes 100-500 years to disintegrate.

Research shows that in the UK from 2018-2019 1.11 billion plastic bags were used by main retailers. During 2019-2020 there was a massive, positive shift once the 5p carrier bag charge was introduced. The figures reported 564 million bags, which is almost a 50% decrease. Despite the shift, there’s still a ton of plastic bags ending up in our countyside and oceans.

At Sycal, join us on Plastic Bag Free Day with our wide variety of bags made from organic, sustainable and plastic-free materials to help promote your brand. Our plastic-free alternatives can be reused, last longer and show that your brand cares about enviromental issues and impact.

Tote and shopper bags

Tote bags are the most popular choice for promotional branded bags; not only are they sturdy, strong and reusable but they come in a range of styles, sizes and materials to suit your campaign needs.

The range of materials we have covered is cotton, jute, cork, denim, recycled plastic and recycled cotton. With so many different stylish and practical bags to choose from, a plastic bag has no worthy comparison.

The regular cotton shopper is a budget-friendly option as well as more eco-friendly. Our sustainable organic cotton shopper can hold up to 10KG in weight making it the perfect choice for customers to reuse while doing their weekly shopping. Both feature long handles giving you the option to slide the straps onto your shoulder.

Paper bags

Paper bags are lightweight and recyclable, they can be printed with your logo and work great as small gift bags, giveaway catalogue bags as well as retail shopping bags. I’m sure you’ve experienced Primark’s mighty retail paper bags and just how much can fit inside.

Our Brunswick and Ardville range are the most popular choices for simplistic paper bags with twist paper handles. The Brunswick range comes in a range of sizes from small to extra large and can have a full-colour print of your artwork. Available in white or natural paper. The Ardville ranges from small to large sizes and is available in a variety of colours including red, blue, black, green, purple and orange.

Other materials include kraft and art paper with some of our paper bags offer string handles for more durability. We also offer large sustainable paper bags with full digital printing capabilities should you wish to print a picture, a detailed logo, or a colourful promotional message.

Backpacks and Drawstrings

For bags that really go the distance, our branded backpacks and drawstring bags are perfect for event giveaways, school bags, sports kits and commuting. Ensure your brand is seen on the go and personalise one of many in our bag range.

If you’re looking for a high-end corporate gift for your clients or employees, any of our Bobby backpacks are brilliant; we’d even consider them a gadget. All Bobby backpacks are theft-proof and stylish, with water-repellant material, a USB charging port and padded compartments. Even better still, they’re all made from RPET materials and AWARE tracer technology.

While we do have some budget-friendly backpacks like the urban backpack, the ultimate cost-effective backpack is the drawstring bag. A majority of our drawstring bags are made with plastics but these are designed for reusing with multi-purposes, not designed as a single-use disposable.

If you want to go the extra eco mile then we also brand drawstring bags made from cotton, RPET and cork.

Our bag range doesn’t end there, the Sycal range includes laptop bags, cooler bags, gift bags, travel bags and duffel bags. To narrow down your search for eco alternatives, we have an Eco Bag range too.

If you’re looking to promote your brand with plastic-free bags, we’re here for you. Whether you’re looking for promotional paper bags, drawstrings, or totes and shoppers, we can help. Call us on 01234 841741 or email us at