Raising awareness this International Women’s Day


The 8th March marks International Women’s Day, with the theme this year centring around ‘Inspire Inclusion‘. The #InspireInclusion campaign aims to collectively forge a more inclusive world for women.

Whether you’re looking to reward the women of your workforce, celebrate success in your industry or simply looking to raise awareness for IWD, at Sycal we have a wide range of merchandise ready to be utilised for this inclusive equality day.

92% of people who experience strong chocolate cravings are women, so why not start with branded chocolate to support your IWD campaign?

Our spring and summer-themed chocolates are perfect giveaways and offer great branding areas to include your messaging. Use chocolate treats like our flowers kraft cube, giant jazzies and tulip chocolates as a gesture to show the women of your workforce that you appreciate them.

If chocolate doesn’t suit your sweet teeth; then choose from our range of branded biscuits, cakes and sweets to further shout about the awareness day.

Sticking with the spring and summer theme, sweets like our Happy Flower gummy pots or Blackberry and Raspberry gummies are unique ideas to customise for IWD giveaways.

Why not choose from any of our Jelly Bean Factory sweets and fill your cubes, tubes and pouches with entirely purple ‘English Blackberry’ flavoured jelly beans?

Our personalised cupcakes can be bought individually wrapped or in gift trays of up to 15 cupcakes per box. Doughnuts also come individually wrapped or in trays of 4 and 9, perfect edibles for either handing out at events or providing boxes to office staff.

You can adapt any of our confectionery items to fit your IWD theme and show that your brand and business supports the equality of women worldwide.

Wellbeing and Branded Beauty Gifts

Offer promotional beauty products that contribute to women’s overall wellbeing by choosing thoughtful items like lip balms, toiletries, and candles while incorporating empowering messages and packaging.

Provide a gift that invites and welcomes relaxation with promotional spa and beauty sets. Included are items like shower gels, body lotions, bath bombs and fragrant soaps with uplifting and energizing scents. A perfect pick would be our natural wellbeing set, including relaxing bath soak, soap, massage body oil and blended relaxing oil all packed in a cotton bag.

Perfect for all year round, lip balms are great for keeping in a bag or in a desk drawer. At Sycal, we offer a wide range of brandable promotional lip balms, whether you’re looking for traditional stick options, vegan models, as well as eco bamboo, recycled FSC-certified cardboard and tin options.

We have a selection of candles in a range of scents like lemon, orange, vanilla, coffee and cinnamon. With different styles available, candles are a perfect gift that is associated with warmth, unwinding and home. Diffusers are also available if you are looking for a flame free option.

Traditional Practical Merchandise

If you’re attending an event, hosting a meetup, or promoting the campaign out and about then smaller, budget-friendly giveaways are ideal.

Branded tote bags are products that get repeated usage, whether for the weekly shop, holidays or communicating. Their practicality allows for a brand to be seen over and over, making them ideal for low-cost campaigns and easy giveaways.

Pens are another practical item with long term usage, whether you’re popping one inside a tote bag or using them to supply your office staff. Branded pens are guaranteed to be used and have repeated visibility for the IWD equality messaging.

Branded t-shirts are another great piece of merchandise that allows for broad visibility. Having both front and back prints ensures any passers-by will never miss your message. With a wide range of colours available, we offer female styles for more flattering fits and comfort.

Promotional notebooks can come in various styles ranging from our best seller A5 mole, to the new BambooPlus FSC notebook. For a notebook that is visually impactful and has great eco credentials to match, the BambooPlus makes a great companion for note-taking and travel. Any notebook makes for a perfect practical gift or promotional giveaway.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can promote and support International Women’s Day, speak to a member of our team today. Call us on 01234 841741 or email us at sales@sycal.co.uk, we’re happy to help!

Please note that the official logo for International Women’s Day cannot be printed onto merchandise, should you wish to use the official logo you will need to seek permission from the legal team at IWD.