Custom Branded Powerbanks

Choosing the right promotional power bank for your next marketing campaign

In late 2016, the electronics company, LG, conducted research into how consumers use their mobile devices, but; more importantly, how they feel when they can’t use them. Findings showed that 90% of participants developed ‘Low Battery Anxiety’ when their device was in need of a little juice. It’s no wonder why custom branded power banks have become one of the most demanded promotional merchandise options over the last few years.

With so many phone variations, battery requirements, and functionalities, finding the most effective power bank charger for your customers, clients, or colleagues, can be a little tricky. Don’t worry, Sycal is here to help.

What does mAh mean and how many do I need?

If you’ve already been on the hunt for promotional branded power banks, you’ve probably seen the letters “mAh” popping up a lot. mAh (short for milliamp hour) is a unit of measurement used to represent the capacity of a battery. In short, the more mAh a device or power bank has, the longer it will take for the battery to deplete.

Capacity = Discharge x Discharging Time

To determine the mAh your custom branded power bank will require, it’s important to understand the current market of mobile devices and their battery capacity.

As of the time of writing, most new models of top-spec smartphones feature a 4000mAh – 6000mAh battery, depending on their capabilities. However, back in 2019, I wrote a similar blog for Sycal noting that the Huawei Mate 20 Pro had one of the largest battery capacities for a mobile phone at the time, at a whopping 4,200mAh. Today, you can purchase phones with an 11,000mAh capacity, showing how quickly the technology is developing and how important battery life is for consumers.

For reference:

  • iPhone 12 Pro max – 3,687 mAh
  • Samsung Galaxy M51 – 7,000 mAh
  • Google Pixel 5 – 4,080 mAh

This means if you get a 7,000mAh power bank, you can fully charge one of the above phones from flat to 100%.

Powerful Promotional Powerbanks

If you’re looking for a power bank that packs a punch, we offer a wide range of hulking options designed to keep your mobile device in the green for a long period of time.

Both practical and multifunctional, not only does this power bank pack a whopping 10,000 mAh capacity but offers wireless device charging AND wireless smartwatch charging capabilities. With two USB output ports, as well as a remaining battery indicator display, this is an incredibly powerful branded gift.

If you’re looking for a branded power bank with more charge than you’ll ever need, we offer an option with an incredible 20,000 mAh capacity! More than capable of charging a brand new iPhone more than four times from empty. This model comes with two USB outputs and a display to showcase the remaining battery charge.

Pocket Sized Power

Big power comes in small packages with our wide range of pocket-sized power banks! Although they might not be able to completely charge a phone to 100% from flat, these mini-devices can give you a boost of juice when you need it most.

Designed to be compact, these models of power bank can be added to your keyring or wallet for accessibility.

Despite being less than 6cm wide and 1.3cm deep, the WS109 power bank features a 2000 mAh battery. Available in seven colours and with the option to feature your logo on the front side, this is a fantastic piece of technology and a great corporate gift option.

Add a novel twist to your next promotional marketing campaign with an official Rubik’s keyring, fully branded, that is also a 2500 mAh power bank. Designed to be eye-catching, these are a fantastic novel tool.

Eco-Conscious Alternatives

Did you know that promotional branded power banks can be environmentally conscious?

Rather than being manufactured with single-use plastics, these corporate gifts can be made from wheat straw fibres, cork, bamboo, and biodegradable plastic polymers.

What output do I need??

Should fast charging be a priority, you may wish to consider the Ampere (A) output of the power bank in question. Most older phones draw 1A to charge their batteries, whereas new phones and tablets require a higher ampere to charge at an optimal speed.

To support older and newer phones, many power banks offer dual USB ports with separate outputs to ensure safe charging. However, newer bank models may offer multi-output functionality to charge all models optimally with a single USB port.

Do I need a wireless charger?

Induction charging; or wireless charging, has been featured in a number of mobile phone models over the last three years, but not all models offer this functionality. Although wireless charging can be more convenient, almost all devices charge slower on these models when compared to cable charging. In fact, devices on average take 15% longer to charge when the supplied power is the same amount.

If you’d like to discuss this further or would like to find out how you can use promotional gadgets to power your next marketing campaign, speak to a member of our team today. Call us on 01234 841741, or email us at