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Do promotional mugs still work?

To many people, the thought of promoting their organisation with a branded mug may seem a tad uninspired or unoriginal. Despite being seen around offices and cupboards for decades, the mug remains one of the most effective promotional products today and is still helping deliver brand messages on a daily basis.

So, why are mugs still so impressive?


Tried and Tested

Even with the rise of low-cost electronics and innovative merchandise options, mugs have proven themselves as a future-proof promotional tool that can boost your brand identity effectively.

Recent research has found that when competing with new branded merchandise options, demand for custom mugs remains as strong in 2019 as it did a decade ago. Both low-risk and high-impact, mugs are tried, tested, and an ideal solution to help promote your organisation.


Practicality = Longevity

On average, an office worker in the UK will consume four drinks per day. That’s a lot of time with your brand in their hand, and when you consider that a promotional mug is used for an average of 8 months, it’s easy to see why promotional mugs are so effective.

Although more novel items can create a strong and immediate impact, research has shown that customers are far more likely to remember a brand should it be featured on a practical product… and what’s more practical than a mug?


Something more novel?

Although a branded mug may be seen as a tad unoriginal, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be eye-catching or novel. How about a personalised mug that changes colour and imagery, or reveals a branded message when hot water is poured in? Take a look at the WoWmug.

No sticky notes on your desk? Write a memo on your cuppa instead with a custom Chalk Mug.

Want to make your merchandise feel more personal? Source options that come with their own spoon attachments.


Your Brand. Your Style

With so many different styles and variations to choose from, you can source the perfect mug to match your brand identity. From your everyday mugs and specific coffee variations to modern and stylish alternative, you can showcase your logo and message in so many creative ways.

Cup and saucer? Bone China? Enamel camping mugs? You name it, we can promote your organisation with it.


Endless Printing Possibilities

As printing technologies evolve, we are no longer limited to simply putting your logo on the outside of a mug. Why not consider:

    • Printing on the bottom of the mug
    • Printing around the inner rim of the mug
    • Printing on the handle of the mug
    • Printing on the inside base of the mug

With new options to print an image onto both the body of the mug and around the handle, there are limitless possibilities to how you showcase your organisation to your clients and customers. For extra product longevity, mugs that feature a patented Duraglaze technology have been proven to be 100% dishwasher proof even after 2000 washes.

If you’re looking for something a little bit different from printing, why not consider your logo and message being etched into the front and the handle of your mug to give your merchandise a subtle premium feel.


Want to learn more?

With endless branding opportunities available, finding the most effective mugs for your next promotional marketing campaign can be a surprisingly intensive task. With over 35 years of experience, speak to our team of merchandise experts today and take the stress out of promotional merchandise sourcing. Call us on 01234 841741, or email us at