Custom branded drinkware

Raising a glass/bottle/mug to effective promotional giveaways

It kind of goes without saying that hydration is fundamental to staying alive. It’s no wonder that promotional drinkware is such a practical and effective merchandise option to promote your organisation and can be tailored to almost all demographics.

For almost 100 years, we’ve seen examples of custom-printed drinkware across the globe, and there’s no sign of their popularity waiving any time soon.

For some customers, the thought of promoting their organisation with such drinkware as mugs or bottles may seem a little too traditional. Despite making special guest appearances in office cupboards across the globe, branded mugs and drinkware remain one of the most popular promotional product types in the industry.

So, why is branded drinkware still so impactful? Does traditional familiarity create popularity or are they genuinely effective?

Now it seems kind of biased for a promotional merchandise company to answer that question, but here’s what we know…

Our H2O Active Eco range are manufactured using Prevented Ocean Plastics, allowing for more sustainable promotional marketing campaigns.

Something for everyone

Simply saying ‘drinkware’ can be a little reductive. With so many different styles of drinking vessels, there really is a branded option for everyone.

  • Did you know the average Brit drinks between 3-5 cups of tea/coffee per day? There’s a mug for them!
  • Nutrition experts state that we should be drinking 2litres of water per day. There’s a water bottle for that!
  • There are currently over 10 million active gym memberships in the UK. There’s a sports bottle or protein shaker for them!
  • Seven million disposable cups are used every day in the UK. There’s a travel mug to help with that!

Although these are quite broad examples, they do show that promotional mugs, bottles, and tumblers can be extremely practical products for a wide range of demographics.

Custom printed mugs

Since the mid-1940s, it’s been commonplace to see an organisation’s logo on the side of a mug.

On average, British office workers will drink four hot beverages a day. That’s a lot of time with your logo in their hands, and when you consider that promotional mugs are used for an average of 8 months, it’s easy to see why they’re still so effective.

In fact, research from Heinz found that 60% of Brits have an emotional reaction to their favourite mug. These mugs are on average kept for around 5 years and can create endless impressions with their end user. If your next promotional marketing mug can become their new favourite, you’re onto a winner.

Although there are far more innovative products that can create immediate impacts, research has shown that customers are far more likely to remember a brand’s logo when it’s featured on a practical product… and what’s more practical than a mug?

Custom printed mugs are available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and customisation options

With incredibly speedy turnaround times, competitive pricing, and almost limitless customisation options, you can source traditional options, novelty models, or any size of coffee style mug at Sycal!

Custom printed travel mugs

Did u you know that coffee is the world’s most popular drink? Even with the pandemic, the export of coffee beans has only been growing, year on year!

To help lower the waste of disposable beverage cups, coffee shops; big and small, are offering discounts on their drinks when you bring in a reusable travel mug. With many people moving back to office working, the opportunity to promote your organisation to customers on the go is right there, and travel mugs are a fantastic choice.

With basic and budget-friendly models available, as well as premium, insulated vacuum options, the choices are endless.

Custom branded travel mug options such as the Americano are great choices for those budget-conscious marketing campaigns. Available in a wide range of sizes, colours, lid types, print options, and anti-microbial coatings, you can tailor your travel mug to almost any specification. If you’re looking to lower your waste, the Recycled Americano is manufactured out of 100% recycled plastics.

Looking to add a twist to your next travel mug? Why not brand a coffee cup made from recycled coffee cups?

The rCUP is a fantastic brandable travel mug manufactured from recycled disposable coffee cups. The model is 100% recyclable, helping you reduce your reliance on single-use materials.

But sustainability isn’t the only USP for this revolutionary piece of drinkware. Designed by a former designer for Dyson, the mug features an innovative and patented 360-degree lid that allows it to be sipped from any angle and is spill-proof when sealed.

Check out some of our popular promotional travel mug options below.

Custom branded water bottles

An average person uses 156 single-use plastic bottles per year and only 23% of those end up being recycled. By switching your daily drinkware to a reusable option you can save around 116 plastic bottles from going to landfills every year.

At Sycal, we can offer a smorgasbord of custom-branded promotional sports and water bottles designed to resonate with a wide range of demographics. If you’re looking for something budget-friendly, stylish, practical, or environmentally conscious, we’ve got the bottles in all styles, shapes, and materials.

From classy metal options to unique fruit-straining bottles, there’s drinkware for everyone at Sycal. Need accreditation? With a number of our recycled plastic models, we can provide GRS (Global Recycling Standard) Certification.

One model that has seen a huge surge in demand this summer is the custom-branded Alice Bottle. More commonly referred to as “the Love Island bottle”, this double-walled white stainless steel option with straw and screw-on lid is a great product for those keeping up with the latest trends.

If you’re in the market for something sustainable, why not consider the H2O Eco Bottle manufactured from Prevented Ocean Plastics. These are materials that have been collected and recycled that would have ended up in our waterways and oceans. Every single bottle comes with a QR code linking to specific data of where the plastic in the product came from. These are personally one of my favourite products. They’re practical, stylish, and come with a great story to demonstrate your environmental concern. If you’d like to receive a free sample of this bottle, request our Summer Merchandise Catalogue and sample pack here!

Everything else

Not seeing what you’re looking for? At Sycal, we can help source and create your ideal promotional drinkware items. Speak to a member of our team today and find out more. Call us on 01234 841741, or email us at, we’re happy to help.