World Environment Day

Did you know that today is the 45th anniversary of World Environment Day? Founded by the United Nations in 1974, the 5th of June is globally celebrated as a day for raising the awareness of emerging and existing environmental threats.

Over the last 12 months, we have seen high-profile green decisions being made across the globe in hopes of combatting severe environmental strain. From new taxes and levies being proposed in the UK, to carbon footprint indicators on food in Denmark, it’s clear to see that the world is growing more ecologically conscious.

With so many recycled, reusable and sustainable promotional merchandise options, you can put your logo and messaging in the hands of your customers and clients without increasing your environmental impact.

Smart Drinking

Last year, plastic bottles were the second most common single-use plastic that is polluting the planet. So why not be part of the solution?

Custom reusable drinkware options have been growing in popularity across the last few years across a wide range of demographics. With more and more coffee shops rewarding customers for using their own drinkware, thermal travel mugs are a great promotional tool to showcase your brand to customers on the go.

If you’re looking into plastic promotional bottles, we’d recommend options that are both BPA and PVC free.  Bottles with PVC in their structure are far harder to recycle than those without, and if not separated correctly in the process can ruin up to 100,000 recyclable plastic bottles. Both PVC and BPA products contain toxins that may leak toxic additives if disposed of incorrectly.

If you’d like to cut out plastic completely, our stainless steel bottles feature a double-walled thermal vacuum, ensuring that your customers’ drinks remain at the perfect temperature, but with a far more stylish and sleeker design.

Innovative Recycling

CD cases, car tyres, newspaper, coffee cups, and even fruit skins, there are dozens of materials that can be recycled and turned into your next promotional giveaway.

One of our favourite options is the ApPeel Notepad. Although it may look and feel like a high-end notebook, it is, in fact, eco-friendly, sustainably manufactured, and made completely from apple peels and vegetable fibres.

With so many recycled products to choose from; manufactured from a wide range of products, find out how you can add a novel and responsible twist on your next promotional marketing campaign.

From timber and jute, to bamboo and plant fibres, we offer a range of promotional products, which are made from sustainable materials to ensure that your environmental impact is minimised.

If you’d like to discuss how you can promote your organisation as forward thinking and environmentally conscious, get in touch with our product specialists today and find a wide array of merchandise made from recycled and sustainable materials. For more information call us on 01234 841741, or drop us an email at