promotional product trends 2022

Top 5 Categories for Promotional Products 2022

What’s hot going into the new year?

After an unpredictable year, it’s time to look ahead to 2022 and what tools are available to help promote your brand. Take a look at what’s been trending and what’ll be hot in the new year!

1. Custom Printed Bags

Custom printed and embroidered branded bags have been one of the most enquired about promotional products in 2021.

Noted for their practicality and spacious branding areas, custom branded bags are incredibly versatile products. Their unique shapes and size; when partnered with their practicality, mean that they are one of the most useful pieces of merchandise, designed to be used again and again.

Branded Backpacks and Duffels

Whether it’s being used by commuters, students, or outdoor enthusiasts, branded backpacks and duffel bags have become highly popular across a number of demographics.

Our range also includes eco-friendly materials to help your brand take a positive step in a more sustainable direction, like our Impact RPET backpack that reuses 33 recycled plastic bottles.

Promtoional Cotton Shoppers & Totes

With the return of events, we’ve seen a meteoric rise in the demand for cotton shoppers and tote bags. With companies making the leap from single-use plastic bags, cotton shoppers are the perfect durable alternative. At Sycal, we have unbleached natural cotton, organic cotton, recycled cotton and even antimicrobial cotton shoppers, all of which can be personalised with your logo or marketing message.

2. Eco-friendly Merchandise

Every single day, the promotional merchandise industry is turning a little greener.

Today we can offer a wide range of promotional branded products that don’t rely on single-use plastics in the manufacturing or logistical process. Whether you’re looking for products made from recycled plastics, sustainable bamboo, wheat straw fibres, or even wasted coffee grounds, we can help lower that over-reliance on single-use materials.


RHIPS.b is a revolutionary new material to manufacture branded merchandise. The innovated biodegradable polymer is made from wasted and recycled plastic products. Unlike other recycled plastic products, it’s made from 100% recycled materials and is 100% biodegradable!

Zero virgin materials are used in the creation of rHIPS.b products!

Due to its naturally biodegradable structure, products made from rHIPS.b can be broken down in compost and water thanks to its 600+ naturally occurring microbes. The process is accelerated over 200 times faster than standard plastics, which is a world-first for the promotional merchandise industry.

This range of promotional gifts has been created with the planet in mind.


Finding a product that can effectively showcase your logo or marketing message is great, but finding one that can do that AND create positive environmental change is even better.

The IMPACT Aware Collection is manufactured from recycled materials that otherwise would have become pollutants in our rivers and seas. With the AWARE technology, not only will your brand be promoted, but you or your customer will be able to trace exactly where the recycled plastics originated, validated by blockchain technologies.

3. Custom Branded Clothing & Apparel

After almost two years of back-and-forth restrictions, many businesses are now looking to put their best foot forward when face-to-face meetings and internal interactions. Since the lifting of the previous lockdown rules, we have seen a steep rise in the popularity of custom branded clothing.

With the British weather offering zero consistency, it’s always smart to invest in promotional clothing or uniforms that are waterproof and are fit-for-use whatever the weather. At Sycal, w

Custom Branded Socks

Constantly growing in popularity, custom branded socks are a fantastic promotional giveaway to enhance your brand image. Weaving together both practicality and novelty, these gifts are designed to make an immediate impact whilst lasting the test of time. The perfect unique gift for anyone with feet.

Our socks are available in a wide variety of styles. Our organic socks are made from 80% organic cotton. On average it takes 100 litres of water to manufacture a pair of cotton socks. These however only require a single litre.

Our coffee socks are manufactured from utilising recycled PET, these wasted coffee grounds are blended to create an eco-friendly coffee yarn. This yarn is then woven together to create a range of fabrics, including promotional branded socks. 

Upcycled socks are manufactured from 85% reclaimed cotton and other fibres textile waste making them both eco-friendly and sustainable. Rather than being broken down and recycled, upcycling simply reuses wasted fabric fibres and creates wonderful dye-free new products.

4. Custom Branded Drinkware

As customers make the shift from single-use to reusable products, promotional drinkware interest has increased in growth compared to last year. Our drinkware range features options that appeal to any campaign or purpose, with multiple methods of branding to promote your business. From travel cups to full-colour mugs, Sycal offers drinkware in all shapes and sizes to suit your style and budget.

Insulated options

As the winter weather hits you can keep your morning drink toasty in a vacuum bottle or insulated tumbler. The best benefit to vacuum bottles is that they never go out of season, they’ll keep your drinks refreshingly cool when the warmer weather arrives.

The Vasa insulated bottle has been a top seller this year, made from Stainless Steel with copper-plated insulation. This sport styled bottle will keep your drinks hot for an impressive 12 hours and cold for 48 hours. Available in 10 colours with a matte or chrome finish.

A commute friendly option is the Americano insulated tumbler, the perfect size to carry or place into your car holder. With a full wrap-around decoration the Americano comes in a range of colour combinations to match your branding. Even better still we have options for the 350ml tumbler to be made from recycled plastic, sugarcane or added with antimicrobial additives.

White branded Americano Recycled Tumbler
Vasa Titanium water bottle branded

Custom Printed Sports bottles

Our two top seller plastic sports bottles of 2021 were the Alta Tritan and the H2O Active Eco. While both are made of plastic the Alta 740ml bottle is made from shatter, stain, and odour resistant Tritan plastic and the H2O Eco is made from recycled plastic ocean waste.

Both have screen wrap printing available making the most of the bottle to promote your brand, the Alta can even be printed with 360º degree printing in full colour.

Choose between a flip, spout and dome lid for the H2O bottle ensuring that whatever the purpose for your plastic bottle, the lid is fit for the occassion.

Promotional Branded Ceramic Mugs

The classic Cambridge mug is a stable in any office and its popularity shows being the top of the charts for promotional drinkware. You can choose from a range of standard colours or truly reflect your company colours with a Pantone matched coating.

We can even colour coat the inside of the mug instead of the outside, leaving you a bright white external body to print your design in full colour. Whichever colour combination you choose, we can help bring your branding to life in full colour.

5. Branded Office & Stationery

As the end of the year draws near and a new year approaches, replenish your stationery and start fresh. Whether you’re working from home or have totally transitioned back into the office, you’ll always need a steady supply of stationery.


The A5 mole notebook ended the year being our most requested product. It’s ability to be branded as well as inidivually customised makes it an appealing low cost product. With 23 colours to choose, this notebook has one of the largest ranges of cover colours available providing more opptunirty to match your brands colours.

As gift sets and appreciation packages were quite popular this year many customers found the Aria notebook gift set a quality yet cost effective solution. The black sleek cream paper notebook comes with a black ballpoint pen inside a gift box. With branding available on both the pen and notebook we can additionally print a paper sleeve with a full colour print to fit snuggly around the gift box.

coloured a5 notebooks branded

Bespoke Notepads

Choose 25, 50 or 100 pages of FSC Cerfited paper with the Desk-Mate A5 notepad. The perfect pad for keeping close by on your desk with a full page print area to make the most of your branding throughout the entire pad. Whether you go simplsitic with a small corner logo or design a full faded background, your business is promoted on a practical pad.

Desk-Mate A5 notepad

Custom Printed Pens

For a budget-friendly option the Nash pen leads the way for promotional ballpoint pens. The style is very similar to the Curvy classic ballpoint but instead has a twist action rather than a click action mechanism.

The Nash ballpoint pen comes in a range of colours with blue and black ink refills and the option to have the barrel made from bamboo or wheat straw for eco-friendly versions. With solid, frosted and chrome barrels available this pen can promote your business in the style that suits best.

A high end ballpoint pen that’s shown an increase interest this year is the renowned Parker Jotter pen. With a QuinkFlow ink refill the Parker Jotter is made from Stainless steel and offers 9 colour variations for the lower barrel to match your branding. Packed into a black Parker gift box to add an extra pretigious touch.

If you’d like to learn more about using promotional merchandise to boost your brand image, or find out what corporate gifts are trending, speak to a member of our team today. Call us on 01234 841741, or email us on, we’re happy to help.