Making the most out of reusable drinkware

Every year, Collins Dictionary compiles a shortlist of notable words that reflect the previous 12 months. In 2018, their word of the year was ‘Single-Use,’ a term used to describe products that are made to be used only once before being thrown away.

With numerous bans, taxes, and levies being introduced into the UK to lower the availability of these products, it’s time for companies to look for reusable alternatives in their next promotional marketing campaign. One great place to start is promotional drinkware.

Last year, plastic bottles were the second most common single-use plastic that is polluting the planet, so why not make a change?


Cool (or hot) Alternatives to Plastic

As an alternative to their plastic counter-parts, metal drinking bottles and flasks have grown increasingly popular over the last couple of years. Much like a traditional thermal flask, these bottles feature a double-walled thermal vacuum, ensuring that your customers’ drinks remain at the perfect temperature, but with a far more stylish and sleeker design.

Made from stainless steel, these products are entirely BPA free, meaning that they won’t ever leach out chemicals like some plastic single-use bottles.

Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and styles; and with countless promotional branding opportunities, find out how you can utilise thermal metal drinking bottles to help promote your brand.

Thermal Travel Mugs

Did you know that only 0.25% of disposable coffee cups we use actually get recycled. In the UK alone, over 2.5 billion disposable cups are thrown away each year, and it’s for these reasons that the UK government has proposed a 25p tax on takeaway coffee cups, ahead of a possible complete ban.

With many coffee giants; such as the likes of Starbucks and Costa, starting to give discounts to their customers for using their own mugs and tumblers, it won’t be long before the rest of the UK and their £9bn coffee habit joins suit.

Cafe Chains offering discounts for reusable cups

With so many recycled and sustainable alternatives, your customers’ daily cup of coffee can create a great opportunity to promote your organisation as environmentally conscious and forward-thinking.

Products like the Eco Bamboo Fiber Cup are completely plastic free. Made from bamboo, corn powder and resin, the promotional travel mug is reusable, biodegradable, and customised to feature your brand or messaging,

BPA and PVC Free Plastics

At Sycal, we are actively conducting our business in an environmentally conscious manner, to ensure our environmental impact is as low as possible. This includes promoting eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable product ranges to help our clients choose more environmentally responsible merchandise options, including BPA and PVC free plastics.

Bottles with PVC in their structure are far harder to recycle than those without, and if not separated correctly in the process can ruin up to 100,000 recyclable plastic bottles. Much like BPA plastics, PVC products also contain and may leach toxic additives.

If you’d like to discuss promotional drinkware with us further, or would like to find out more about promoting your brand with eco-friendly promotional merchandise, get in touch today.

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