Custom Branded Phone Stand and Screen Cleaner

Practicality and Novelty Combined – The Wedge

Every single month, we’re scouting the world for the most influential and innovative promotional merchandise options designed to boost your brand identity as effectively as possible.

When it comes to sourcing effective promotional merchandise, the key is to find something that captures the eye immediately, but offers a certain practicality so that your brand is on display use after use. That’s why our custom branded phone stand bean bags are our promotional product of the month.

Immediately, these colourful pyramids can catch the eye of your customers. A little unusual desk trinket offers a number of practical uses and can be customised to feature your brand.

Rather than using traditional polystyrene beads, these promo pyramids are filled with HDPE pellets, which are more durable, lightweight, and completely recyclable.

Printed using professional dye-sublimation techniques, we can replicate your logo, marketing message, or colour scheme down to the tee. Available to match the hue, saturation, brightness, and intensity of your colours, you’re guaranteed to create a promotional gift that customers’ will never forget.

Promotional phone stand

Firstly, the corporate gift works as a great phone stand. Designed to rest your device between the pyramid and a pillowed cushion, this product can fit virtually any sized phone and small tablet easily. With the weighted wide base, there’s no need to worry of it tipping over.

Whether it’s at your desk for a team video call, or simply for enjoying streamed content in your down time, the wedged promotional gift is a fantastic tool to be used whenever and wherever.

Promotional Screen Cleaner

On the base side of these custom branded wedges is a plush microfibre cloth designed to clean the screens of your phone, monitor, TV, or other device screens.

The microfibre material is available in six different colours including ash, black, cyan, green, navy, or rust.

With an update Wireless Device charging model available, these promotional gifts fuse practicality and novelty together exquisitely for a great corporate gift option.

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