promotional credit card speaker

Promotional Product of the Month – Card Speaker

Every month in 2019, we’re taking a look into some of the most effective promotional merchandise options that you might not have known existed and how they can help boost your brand image.

Over the last five years, promotional portable speakers have proven to be an effective promotional merchandise tool, perfect for targeting a wide range of audiences. However, no product has delivered such big sound out of such a little package. Introducing the Smart Card Speaker. 

Offering both novelty and practicality, the Smart Card Speaker is the slimmest portable speaker in the market. At only 5mm thick, the Bluetooth device can put your brand’s logo and message in the palm of your customers hands, on their keys, or stored in their wallet.

With a flat white double sided surface that can be branded edge-to-edge, this product is a blank canvas that can be tailored however you wish, even with pantone matched colours.

If you’re looking to promote your organisation to the millennial market, the Credit Card Speaker is a low-cost tool to portray your brand as tech-savvy and up to date. With a 10 metre range and a battery life of 2-4 hours, this is a product designed to put your logo and message in the right hands. If you’d like see technical specs of this product, click here.

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