Promotional Merchandise for Walkers

Did you know that May in the UK is known as National Walking Month? A whole month designed to encourage the nation to ditch their vehicles for everyday journeys, and take a stroll by foot instead.

Whether it’s for environmental or health reasons, promotional products designed to monitor or improve everyday fitness have been growing in demand over the last few years… and not just in May. So why not capitalise on these growing trends?


  • Perfect for children and seniors who may not have access to a smartphone, pedometers are a great tool to help your customers monitor their physical activity levels when on a walk.
  • Completely customisable, low-cost, and practical, pedometers can keep your brand in the mind of your customers when they next lace up their shoes.

Fitness Trackers

  • For those more technology-savvy walkers, we offer a wide range of promotional fitness trackers that can be synced with most smartphones and computers.
  • From cost-effective options to state-of-the-art models with all the bells and whistles, our fitness trackers can monitor your daily step count, as well as key metrics like distance travelled, activity levels, sleep count and calories burnt.

Staying Hydrated

  • From ergonomic-handled sports bottles to fruit-infusing water canteens, we offer a wide range of promotional drinkware options designed to keep your customers hydrated on their walks.

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