national refill day reusable bottles

Are you ready to refill?

For the second time ever, we’re celebrating National Refill Day, a new public awareness campaign that aims to prevent millions of single-use plastic bottles from polluting our streets and our oceans. Rather than purchasing disposable bottles of water, the movement looks for us to carry reusable bottles to refill on the go.

Did you know that if 1 in 10 Brits refilled a water bottle just once a week, we’d save around 340 million plastic bottles going to waste per year? So why not make a small change to create a huge difference.

At Sycal, we are very pro-refill and understand how devastating plastic waste can be for our ecosystem. Whether you’re looking for sports bottles, thermal flasks, travel mugs, or protein shaker, we offer a wide range of reusable drinkware options that can be completely tailored to match your brand identity.

If you’d like to find out more about National Refill Day, visit their website here and find out how you can help the cause. Should you wish to boost your brand using reusable drinkware, check out our latest blog, or visit our online store.


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