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Biodegradable Promotional Charging Cables

Over the last year, we’ve seen a number of multi adapting charging cables in the promotional merchandise market, however, none have been as groundbreaking than Mr Bio.

Using a combination of plastics and BioSphere Additives, Mr Bio is manufactured to be low-impact to create and completely biodegradable when disposed of. When coming into contact with high-solid environments (such as buried, or in landfills), the additive breaks down the plastics, ensuring that it safely returns to nature within 3-5 years.

Mr Bio Charging Cable

With a Lightning, Micro-USB, USB, and two Type-C adapters, you can transfer data and charge a wide range of portable devices.

Even the cables are environmentally friendly. Made from DuPont Tyvek®, the cables are tough and durable, but more cost effective and versatile than alternative eco fabrics.

Mr Bio is supplied in a reusable EVA pouch with customisable FSC paper backing card, which can be printed with your campaign messaging and logo, or in our all new eco-paper packaging pouch.

With double sided pad-printing on the top of the gadget, you can make sure your brand is in your customers’ mind everytime they charge their device.

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