Elephant poo custom paper products

Custom Elephant Poo Paper Products

We’ll be honest. If someone gifted us a big pile of poo, we wouldn’t be very impressed. However, if it’d have been pulped, cleaned, and processed into a fantastic promotional paper gift, it’d be a different story.

At the start of the 21st century, paper craftsman, Vijendra Shekhawat, went to a shrine atop a hill in Jaipur where he observed a number of elephants. There, he watched as dried elephant dung was trampled and crushed, before noticing that it looked similar to the raw fibres used in paper manufacturing.

After a number of experiments, Vijendra succesful created a paper that didn’t require a single tree to be cut down. Fast forward to today, you can source a number of promotional gifts made entirely out of Vijendra’s fantastic elephant poo paper.

Once dried, washed and disinfected, the clean fibres are sorted and boiled for around four hours before being pulped, flattened and dried. Now they can be turned into a huge range of paper and material products that can be customised to feature your brand’s logo or messaging.


Environmentally Friendly

  • With these paper sheets being made of poo, these products reduce deforestation as no trees have to be cut down to create it.
  • Unlike regular paper, there are no harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing of dung paper. Once you’ve finished with it, dung paper acts as manure when disposed of.
  • Because dung paper is natural, all the water used in the manufacturing process can be re-used for irrigation.


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