Bamboo Powered Promotional Merchandise

Promoting Your Brand with a More Sustainable Alternative

Over the last decade at Sycal, we’ve been trying to lower our plastic consumption and trying to encourage our customers to follow suit. Right now, wasted plastic make up around 40% of the world’s ocean surfaces, and if we don’t curb this overreliance, plastic is expected outweigh ALL the fish in the sea by 2050. With a direct and deadly effect on wildlife, maybe it’s time to swap from plastic on your next promotional marketing campaign.

One alternative that has grown in popularity is bamboo! Both natural and versatile, bamboo has become a suitable alternative to many different promotional gifts that would have otherwise been manufactured from plastics, but with a smaller environmental impact.

A More Sustainable Choice

Did you know that bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on Earth? It’s strange to say that bamboo holds a Guinness World Record, but it does. In fact, under the right conditions, bamboo can grow up to an astonishing 3 feet per day. Unlike traditional trees, being harvested doesn’t kill the plant. When chopped down above the roots, the remaining elements of the bamboo tree will continue to grow, eliminating the need for replanting and ensuring the ground remains healthy.

Bamboo boasts several key advantages, including:

Minimal Environmental Impact: Bamboo requires no pesticides or chemicals and very little water compared to other plants, making it a green choice for manufacturing.

Carbon Offsetting: Bamboo helps to combat climate change by producing 35% more oxygen than trees of similar mass and absorbing approximately 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare per year.

– Support for Communities: Sustainable bamboo management and forestry provides livelihoods for generations, fostering thriving communities.

Rapid Growth: With its impressive growth rate, bamboo can be harvested every three to five years, ensuring a constant supply without harming the plant itself.

– Lightweight and Durable: Bamboo is incredibly sturdy despite its lightweight nature, making it ideal for a wide range of products.

Bamboo Essentials for Your Brand

Transitioning from single-use plastics to bamboo-based products doesn’t have to be a dramatic change.

Bamboo offers a versatile range of branded merchandise options to help you make more sustainable decisions on your next promotional marketing campaign. Whether you’re looking to source custom branded drinkware, stationery, accessories, umbrellas, or even socks, bamboo can be the solution.

Bamboo’s malleable nature allows it to replace plastic elements in various promotional products, creating premium and eco-friendly branded gifts. These products can be fully customised with your brand, logo, or marketing messages, making them an excellent choice for showing appreciation to customers, clients, or colleagues.

Custom Branded Branded Awards and Trophies

As we come to the end of the year, it’s time to express gratitude and recognise the outstanding achievements of your workforce. At Sycal, we offer a wide range of custom branded awards and trophies all made from sustainable bamboo.

Whether you’re holding an awards celebration at an event, doing something in-house, or a celebration over Zoom, say thank you to your team with custom branded awards and trophies manufactured from sustainable bamboo. These awards can be customised in terms of shape, print, engraving, and even feature glass panelling for an additional premium touch, offering endless branding possibilities.

From bamboo pens and coasters to notebooks and tech accessories, the range of bamboo promotional products is diverse, ensuring there’s something to suit every business’s needs. Bamboo products send a powerful message: your brand is committed to making more sustainable choices, which is crucial in a world where environmental concerns are paramount.

Bamboo promotional products are highly customisable. They can be printed or engraved with your logo, ensuring that your brand gets meaningful visibility every time the product is used. Whether you’re targeting new employees, customers, donors, or long-standing team members and valued clients, bamboo promotional products offer a unique way to express your brand’s innovative spirit and commitment to sustainability.

Promotional Products for the Home

Bamboo branded merchandise isn’t just for giveaways, we offer a wide range of bamboo gifts that can be branded to feature your logo or marketing message that are perfect home gifts.

Whether you’re looking for beautiful serving platters, kitchen utensils, or desk equipment, we can help you stand out with bamboo!

Incorporating bamboo into your promotional merchandise can not only benefit your brand but also contribute to a more sustainable and eco-conscious future. Reach out to our team today to explore the possibilities of utilising bamboo-made merchandise for your marketing efforts.

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