For over three and a half decades, we have been sourcing and manufacturing promotional merchandise and gifts for clients and consumers across the globe. From promotional umbrellas to VR headsets, we’re here to provide our clients with the most effective products to help boost their brand image.

Unlike other branding companies, we view ourselves as a promotional marketing consultancy. We don’t simply put your logo or message on to products, we work closely alongside your organisation to ensure that your brand is being promoted in the right way, making the most out of your budget. With a dedicated Account Manager at your side, you’ll always have years of promotional merchandise knowledge and experience at your disposal.

We understand every client is different, so work very hard to ensure that each Account Manager is ideally matched to fit seamlessly with your requirements and business sector.

When buying in bulk, some of our clients may run into potential storage issues. Rather than having to combat these problems single-handedly, we offer our clients stocking schemes to help them house their products, should they be needed later. Once stocked with us, your products are but a simple click away with our online fulfilment services. Using a dedicated website portal, stocked products are available on-demand and can be shipped within the same working day.

Since promotional products can be stand-alone or integrated with other media, there are virtually limitless ways to employ them as an effective part of your marketing and advertising efforts. Popular programmes used most often by industry consultants are for business gifts, employee relations, orientation programmes, corporate communications and at trade shows to help generate booth traffic.

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Select your products online, or discuss your merchandise needs with our team.


Receive tailored quotes as well as effective alternative merchandise options.


Approve your proofs and visual representations.


Await the production and delivery of your order, with updates provided by your account manager.