World Refill Day 2022

Reduce plastic pollution and switch to reusable promotional merchandise

World Refill Day is a yearly campaign to raise awareness of plastic pollution and help people live a life with less waste. By switching to reusable products and eliminating single-use plastics, you can help keep the oceans, beaches, cities, and even your homes plastic-free.

Making small switches when deciding what products to choose in your campaigns can impact not only your clients, customers and brand but the planet too.

Merchandise to help end plastic pollution

As of 2021, there are at least 165 billion kilograms of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. This amount of plastic has devastating effects on our ocean’s wildlife and ecosystem.

At Sycal, we have a great selection of products that are not only made of recycled plastic but also help stop plastic pollution. These featured products help recycle plastic before it enters our oceans but they also support charities and communities around the world.

The Blue Sea bottle is a water bottle made from recycled plastic and bamboo. The recycled plastic used to produce this bottle is sourced from the Plastic Bank charity. Plastic Bank provides valuable opportunities for impoverished communities by offering residents of Haiti, the Philippines and Indonesia a stable job and income while cleaning up waste.

We’ve previously highlighted the brilliant H2O Eco bottle range that supports another plastic prevention charity, ‘Prevented Ocean Plastic‘. However, now we have a new model that holds a capacity of 700ml.

The H2O Active Eco Tempo bottle still comes in the classic four styles and is still made from 100% recycled plastic in the UK. Plenty of colour options are still available to help you mix and match your bottle until it matches your branding.

If you’d like to request a sample of our H2O Eco bottle, one is featured in our summer catalogue sample pack. Click here to request yours today.

Reusable and refillable branded pens

Would you like to cut down on the number of pens in your stationery pot, or even offer your customers a pen that will last for life?

The Evoxx Polished and the Super Hit Bio pens are both made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials that offer a brilliant incentive. Both these pens come with premium quality ink that can be refilled for free. Your customers, clients or perhaps even your office staff can reuse the barrel of the pen and simply replace the refill, therefore, reducing and avoiding waste.

The Super Hit Bio pen is made from biobased plastic and the Evoxx Polished is made from 95% recycled plastic. Not only are the barrels eco-friendly but refills last 6-16 times longer than standard imported pens and provide extra longevity for your promotional pen.

With these brilliant pens, you’ll technically never have to buy another again! If these styles don’t quite suit what you’re looking for, get in touch and we’ll provide more pens that have the free refill incentive.

Evoxx Polished
Super Hit Bio

Promote a packed lunch

10.7 billion items of packaging waste are generated a year from lunch on the go and meal deal purchases in Britain alone. Simply switching your next lunch to one that’s made from home can not only help you save money but results in less plastic waste.

Whether you plan on packing a hot lunch, simple sandwich or snack pot, at Sycal we have containers and lunch boxes in all shapes and sizes to help pack the perfect lunch.

Some of our promotional lunch boxes are made from more sustainable materials than plastic such as sugarcane, glass, recycled plastic and bamboo. A box like the Amuse Plus bio is made from 37% sugarcane and also comes in a snack box size.

These products are sturdy, strong and designed to keep your lunch safe on the daily commute. The Ellipse insulated lunch pot will even keep your food warm for up to 8 hours and features two separated compartments.

Branded refillable glass jars

If you’re looking for another way to promote a plastic-free lifestyle, why not encourage your colleagues or customers to refill their household essentials and food?

Over the last few years, hundreds of Zero waste and refill shops have opened around the UK, and even supermarket chains such as Tesco and Asda are offering refill stations. All you need to do is bring your own jars or containers and you eliminate unnecessary plastic packaging.

At Sycal, we have a selection of glass jars, made with recycled glass, that are ideal for filling up with items like rice, tea bags, washing up powder and spices. The Sabor 2-piece set is even great for filling up with oil or vinegar that you can easily find in many zero-waste stores.

All of these glasses can be engraved with your logo and make great gifts for customers at home in their kitchen, or even ideal to use in the communal office spaces for food like sugar and coffee.

If you’re looking to find out more about products that help you switch from plastic, speak to a member of our team today, Call us on 01234 841741 or email us at

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