Everybody seems to know the score, they’ve seen it all before… so why not give your customers something a little different ahead of World Cup 2018.

In a couple of months time, the world will be glued to their screens once again as World Cup fever sweeps the globe. During the last World Cup, it was reported that 3.2 billion people tuned in to watch the tournament, with one billion people watching the live final. It goes without saying that football appeals to an extremely wide demographic of customers.

So why not utilise the nations’ passion for the beautiful game and use promotional football merchandise to boost your brand image this summer.

Sweet Treats

Despite its global appeal, football can be a divisive sport. Unless you know your audience will be in the stands every weekend, certain football products can be ineffective at promoting your brand. However, there aren’t many products less divisive than chocolate.

promotional chocolate footballs

Chocolate footballs are a great way to promote your brand during World Cup season to those who don’t know Messi from Vardy. When it comes to promotional chocolates, many organisations are deterred by the notion of a product that can be so easily disposed of. Why invest your marketing budget into branding a product that is designed to be devoured?

The answer is Recall Value, and if executed properly can be fantastic for brand recognition. Although they may be devoured long before England are kicked out of the semi-finals, chocolate is designed to make customers feel good. A recent study found out that those good feelings can help create positive and lasting impressions of those who supplied the chocolate, making sure people remember your brand.

Available in a wide variety of colours and packaging options, these sweet treats are the perfect promotional product to promote your brand to those who don’t really care for football.

Kick About Promotions

Should you know your target audience to be avid football fans, promotional footballs are a fantastic way to boost your brand image to a younger market as well as sportier customers. From economy to professional quality, our range of footballs are available in a wide range of sizes, materials and styles, so that you can source the most effective products for your customers.

With so many colour and printing options available, promotional footballs can display your organisation’s logo, colour scheme, and messaging without the need to compromise.

Although memorable for many customers, branded sports balls don’t share the same high brand visibility as other football themed products.

Beautiful Merchandise for the Beautiful Game

If you’re looking to target customers who’ll be watching the games live, there are hundreds of options available to boost your brand in front of a crowd. With bespoke apparel like t-shirts, hats and scarves, as well as flags, and noisemakers find out you can boost your promotional marketing this summer. To find out more, simply call 01234 841741 or visit Sycal.co.uk.