branded merchandise for working from home

Working from home branded merchandise

Promotional products designed for remote working

With new COVID-19 safety measures being implemented across the country, many teams are once again trading in their offices for their homes.

At Sycal, we understand working from home isn’t always an ideal solution, so have created a list of products designed to keep work flowing smoothly over the autumn months.

Branded Phone Dock

The Phone Dock is the perfect working from home accessory.

If the quality of your laptop camera isn’t great, and you don’t have a perfect stand for your phone, video calls can become a bit of faff. That’s where the Phone Dock comes in.

A magnetic arm designed to fit neatly onto your tablet or laptop, the Phone Dock ensures that you can keep up-to-date with your messages and emails, as well as be ready for that incoming Zoom call. Simply attach it and then bend the arms out, giving you another magnet to attach your phone to. You can also move the arm up and down to find the perfect position.

Coming with full colour packaging, your logo or message can be displayed on the packaging, and also engraved onto the Phone Dock itself.

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Mr Bio Speaker

The award-winning Mr. Bio product series has returned and turned up the volume. The Mr Bio Speaker offers his unique wireless powerful sound (3W) and is made with sustainable materials. With magnetic arms, this branded Bluetooth speaker will stick to any metal surface so your customers, clients, or colleagues can keep the music flowing whilst they work at home. Manufactured from natural wheat (20%) and biodegradable plastic (80%), the Mr Bio Speaker is a fantastic, eco-friendly promotional merchandise option for those working at home.

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mr bio wireless speaker


Wireless Charging Mouse Mat

With an integrated wireless charging pad, this mouse mat is like no other. Designed to support wireless charging on compatible devices, this branded gadget ensures that your phone isn’t without juice when working.

Featuring a pop-out stand on the reverse, you can position your phone perfectly for that next Zoom call or to catch important notifications.  Branded with a single colour print on the pad itself, this is the perfect promotional gift for working at home.

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branded mouse mat with wireless charger


Branded Desk and Cable Grips

Research in 2016 found that employees who worked in an environment deemed clean and clear were significantly more productive than those with cluttered desks. Although it may seem easy to turn any table into a workspace, there are a number of promotional products that can help create the perfect environment.

Designed to keep your cables from getting in the way, the Stoppi and Clippi are two brilliant products for keeping your workspace clear. With an adhesive base, and silicon dividers, your team can disconnect their charging cables, headphones, or wire, without them falling to the floor.

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stoppi desk organiser


Big Sound on a Budget

Put an end to echoing Zoom calls with branded earphones from Sycal.

The Sargas model of earphones provides a cost-effective way to ensure you’re team can be a part of the conversation during the lockdown. With an in-built microphone, branded casing, and choice of earphone colour, these promotional earphones are a fantastic branded merchandise gift to help stay connected.

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promotional custom branded earphones

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