Want to keep your brand in front of clients and targets every day of the year?

Personalised wall planners and calendars are a great way to do just that.

Calendars can be personalised with messages and helpful dates such as prompts to order that will ensure their delivery deadlines can be met. You could inject an element of humour or team building by creating special days within the calendar, such as ‘make your colleagues a cup of tea day’.

Mess = Stress

Desk tidies that double as calendars will help to streamline any desk, are dual purpose and can be branded with logos and messages. With a real retro feel they are on trend and will not break the bank.


These gift items will help your clients and targets to stay organised.  A well-designed wall planner or calendar will be an asset to any individual or business and the constant avalanche of things to do can be recorded, so not forgotten.

Promoting your company and brand by featuring your logo, products and even photos of your team with contact numbers, would emphasise the personal touch and help targets to engage with your company on a more personal level. The planner will be your sales team in residence wherever you choose to gift it.


Other gifts to consider are branded diaries and personal organisers. With great potential for branding, multibuythese giveaways can have a real quality feel to them, giving them a perceived high value. You could consider embossing your logo rather than printing for a high end finish.

Diaries will stay with the recipient the whole year through and personal organisers are a great way to incentivise staff teams to set personal and business goals. These can also included custom printed pages that can promote your company or products providing customers with more detailed information

Giving not only feels good, it reaps many other rewards. Why not let your staff and clients know how much they are appreciated and in the process build your brand awareness.

If you would like some help to identify the perfect gift please contact us today on 01234 841741 or contact us via email at sales@sycal.co.uk.