Promotional merchandise made from bamboo

Lowering your plastic consumption with sustainable alternatives

With single-use plastics still posing a great threat to our environment, many organisations are looking to source promotional merchandise options that don’t cost the Earth. Unable to be broken down or recycled, a deeply concerning amount of single-use plastics ends up in our oceans, rivers, and landfills, bleeding our harmful chemicals.

Swapping to a sustainable alternative to plastics is a great way to lower our overreliance, as well as to promote your brand in a more environmentally manner.

Did you know that bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet? If grown under the right conditions, bamboo trees can grow up to 3 feet per day! When managed correctly, bamboo is one of the most sustainable manufacturing materials around. Because bamboo is harvested above the roots, they never need to be replanted, ensuring the soil stays healthy and promotes further growth.

No pesticides or chemicals are required, and the trees take very little water to grow compared to other plants.

Compared to trees of similar masses, bamboo helps produce 35% more oxygen and research has shown that bamboo can absorb almost 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare per year.

Your next promotional merchandise order could actually help the planet.

Bamboo Essentials

Swapping from a single-use plastic to products made from bamboo doesn’t need to be a dramatic change. In fact, we can create a range of traditional branded merchandise options that can help improve our carbon footprint.

Whether you’re looking for drinkware, stationery, accessories, umbrellas, or even face masks, we can help you find bamboo alternatives.

Premium Feeling Branded Gifts

Just because we’re talking about a naturally occurring plant, doesn’t mean it can’t be used to create a premium feeling branded gift.

Due to it’s maliable nature, we’ve seen bamboo incorporated into a wide range of promotional products, replacing their plastic elements. These products make fantastic branded gifts designed to show your appreciation to your customers, clients, or colleagues.

All completely customisable to feature your brand, logo, or marketing messages. A great gift option.

Custom Branded Awards and Trophies

If you’re looking to show your appreciation and give thanks to those who’ve gone above and beyond, custom branded awards and trophies are a fantastic option.

Whether you’re holding an event, something in-house, or a celebration over Zoom, say thank you to your team with custom branded awards and trophies manufactured from sustainable bamboo. These awards can be cut into any custom shape, featuring either printed or engraved information, as well as glass panelling to add a premium feel. Your branding opportunities are endless.

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