The Power of Promotional Umbrellas

The Power of Promotional Umbrellas

Available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and colours, umbrellas aren’t just a defence against Mother Nature, they’re one of the most effective ways to project your brand image, both visually and psychologically.

With years of temperamental British weather patterns, umbrellas have become one of the most effective promotional marketing products available. Whether they’re used for shade or shelter, consumers are more than 80% more likely to keep hold of a branded umbrella for its usefulness, meaning that your brand image will make more impressions than alternative products. As promotional items, umbrellas are constantly proving that they positively engage consumers and increase brand recognition.

At Sycal, we understand that colour is a very powerful communication tool. That’s why our umbrellas are available in a huge range of styles, allowing you to tailor fit your brolly to your corporate identity and colour schemes. Stretching between 19 to 30 inches in circumference, umbrellas provide your consumers with eight sizeable panels to publicly promote your brand across 360 degrees; unattainable to that of a pen or a USB stick.

It goes without saying that not every consumer will want to carry around a 30 inch golf-umbrella, and so smaller options may prove to be more practical to different users. Fortunately at Sycal, our umbrellas can be tailored to fit your target audience. With a recent study finding that women are more likely to own a promotional umbrella than men, providing the merchandise that works best for your consumers needs can go a long way.

With umbrellas, you get exactly what you pay for. Going for a cheaper option may save pennies in the short-term, but may prove to be a false economy. Should the quality be compromised within a short period of time, customers may see the brand as “cheap” for providing lower quality goods. For a larger return on investment, stronger frames are the way to go. Umbrellas that remains structurally sound over a greater period of time allows you to publicly display your brand for longer, and be a constant reminder that you’re there for your consumers when the skies start turning grey.

Our umbrellas are the ideal promotional item for any business. For more information about sourcing bespoke umbrellas for your next marketing campaign call us on 01234 841741, or find us online at