promotional vr headsets

Every single day this week, we’ve been exploring the latest in technologically savvy promotional products designed to make your brand stand out. From contactless payment fobs to wireless portable hard drives, find out how you capitalise on new gadgets and electronics to promote your brand as both modern and tech-savvy. 

On our final day of Sycal Technology Week, we’re taking a look at the promotional products that can put a smile on your customer’s faces. When it comes to providing branded merchandise, fun is a factor that can be overlooked when targeting certain demographics of customers. So check out the following promotional products that are designed to make a memorable impact on your consumers.


VR Premium II

For decades, the notion of Virtual Reality (VR) was viewed as a futuristic pipedream. However, after Facebook’s $2 billion purchase of gaming firm Oculus VR back in 2014, the demand for virtual hardware and software have never been so high. In fact, recent research predicts that the VR market will be worth a whopping $80 billion by 2020.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a tech-whizz to provide high-quality VR opportunities for your clients.

Today, all you need to use to utilise the power of VR is a smartphone and a headset. Introducing the VR Premium II, a high-quality headset designed for a comfortable and immersive experience, and can be customised with your brand identity. Featuring comfortable padding for the face, along with a reliable and adjustable head strap, these goggles can boost the way your customers see your brand. Whilst your customers are staring into the future of digital entertainment, you’ll be promoting your organisation as both fun loving and future ready.

The VR Premium II can be branded using full-colour print, which will fit any brand guidelines, and with the goggles large printing area, you can promote your brand in a wide variety of ways.

Parrot Mambo

It’s not every day we get to promote a promotional product that features a cannon, but here we are. The Parrot Mambo is a mini-drone that’s full of surprises. Equipped with either a cannon or a grabber, Parrot Mambo turns the sky into your next marketing tool. Highly robust and easy to use, this mini-drone is unlike any other promotional merchandise. Controlled by your smartphone and branded with custom stickers, the Parrot Mambo is an extremely memorable product option that will send your brand sky high.

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