Every day this week, we’re taking a look at how organisations can enhance their brand image and appear more tech-savvy to their customers. Find out exactly how your organisation can effectively utilise the latest in promotional innovations and enhance how people see your brand.

Today, we’re taking a look at technologies that are designed to get your consumer’s hearts racing. The health and fitness market is growing, year on year. There are now more than 9.7 million fitness or gym members in the UK, meaning that one in seven Brits are looking to get healthier in 2018.

When you compare that to the wearable technology market growing around 17% annually, there’s no doubt that items like Wearable Fitness Trackers are an extremely popular merchandise option. Fortunately, there are a number of brandable options on the market.


Smart Mi Band 2

Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, the Smart Mi Band 2 offers you the opportunity to promote your brand, logo or message on your customer’s wrist 24 hours a day. With a staggering 20 days of battery life, this Smart Bracelet is both dustpoof and waterproof, and with an active sleep tracker, there are very few opportunities when your brand won’t be in sight of your consumer.

When connected to your mobile device via Bluetooth, the device can monitor your heart rate and activity levels, track your walking distance and steps, monitor your sleeping patterns, and calculate how many calories you burn. If that wasn’t enough, the vibrate function will notify you of any incoming messages, calls or alerts on your phone. With daily exercise targets and goals available through the app, help your customers towards a healthier lifestyle.

With an MOQ of only 10 units, and laser engraving available, the Smart Mi Band 2 is a great promotional merchandise option.

When it comes to smart bracelet capabilities, the differences can often be few and far between, with most modern brandable options offering sleep, activity, and exercise capabilities. However, if you’re looking to maximise your visibility, models such as the Smart Mi Band Pulse feature more prominent branding opportunities, allowing laser engraving options on both the sensor, as well as the silicone strap.

With the fitness industry continuing to grow, there’s no better time to invest in effective promotional merchandise to capitalise. To find out more about our fitness trackers and how they can help power your brand image, get in touch. Find us online at, or call us on 01234 841741.