Are we looking at the future of plastic merchandise?

Did you know that in the USA alone, over 1.6 billion pairs of sunglasses are lost every single year? That’s around five pairs per person.

When you consider how many pairs are misplaced on the beach, it’s no surpise that sunglasses contribute almost 13 million tonnes of plastic waste that ends up in the ocean.

Rather than simply increasing the level of plastic waste, Ukranian company, Ochis Coffee, have developed a pair of shades that are completely biodegradable, made from natural coffee grounds. Unlike a usual pair of plastic sunglasses, these natural alternatives will decompose 100 times faster. After 10 years in soil or water, they will become a healthy fertiliser for plantlife.

When binding the coffee with flax, they create a strong natural biopolymer to create the frame of the glasses. Even the lenses are recyclable, made from recycled cotton.

With over two billion cups of coffee being consumed per day, Ochis don’t just tackle the damaging plastic problems, but help discard of millions of kilograms of coffee waste. Similar efforts have been recently seen in Bratislava, where researchers have created similar biodegradable plastics out of used cooking oil waste.

With plastic waste being a serious issue today, we could be seeing the future of plastic merchandise going forward. If you’re concerned about your plastic usage, speak to our merchandise experts today and find out more about our popular ranges of eco-friendly promotional gifts and giveaways. Call us on 01234 841741 or email us at