Custom Branded Hand Sanitiser Stations

Promotional self-standing hand sanitiser dispensers for offices, shops, restaurants and more

As the world slowly returns to a sense of normality, we must ensure that our colleagues, clients, and customers are decreasing their chances of picking up or passing on any nasty bacterias or viruses, such as COVID-19

Even when we’re keeping ourselves at a safe social distance, we can still run the risk of coming into contact with different strains of viral infections. Things like holding on to handrails, opening doors, and handling physical money ensure that our hands will always be garnering bacteria we’re unaware of.

So why not ensure that those around you are keeping safe with custom branded hand sanitiser stations, from Sycal.

When placed in a public area, our free-standing hand sanitiser stations let you promote better hygiene to those in the vicinity. Available in a range of different models with different capabilities, find out below what hand sanitiser dispenser would be the most effective for your organisation.


Hand Pump Dispensers

Available in different sizes, these sanitiser stations are self-standing with snap frames to ensure that you can deliver your messaging effectively to those using it.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage, these models allow you to use any hand sanitiser bottle (1 litre or smaller) you so choose.

Foot Pump Dispensers

Promoting more impactful hygiene, foot-operated sanitiser dispensers allow you pump the gel of your choice completely hands-free.

The model photographed below comes with a stock signage design and adhesive sign holder.

Automatic Dispensers

Ideal for areas with a larger footfall, automatic dispensers are equipped with sensors to recognise motion before dispensing the sanitiser. With a 5-litre capacity sanitiser bottle, these models are perfect for no-hassle hygiene

Before COVID-19 was established, a study by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that improving our hand hygiene can reduce our risk of catching a cold or flu by 45%. Once the pandemic is over, promoting hygiene will still be important to keep your colleagues, clients and customers healthy, providing these products with an expected long-life.

If you’d like to discuss how your business can stay safe, productive, and marketable during the pandemic, we’re happy to help. Call us on 01234 841741, or drop an email over to