Best promotional printed face masks

Choosing the correct custom printed protective masks

As of July 24th 2020, the UK Government has deemed that face coverings be mandatory for when visiting shops and supermarkets, as well as using public transport. With a number of European countries already making masks a legal requirement for those venturing outdoors, it appears that face coverings are only going to grow in demand over the coming months.

But with so many different varieties available, choosing the right protective coverings for your teams, clients, and customers can be a tough decision.

Triple Layer Surgical Masks

Due to their usage in medical facilities, triple-layer surgical masks have been seen as the standard-bearer of disposable protective face coverings. With three layers of protective material, these masks are great to break down and filter harmful particles in the air, yet still easy to breathe in.

The downside to these masks is that they are designed for single usage before being disposed of.


Reuasable and Washable Masks

There are a number of face coverings designed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 that are reusable, including models made of recycled PET microfiber. These masks can be customised and printed to meet your brand image, as well as feature your logo or messaging.

These masks are not deemed as medical grade and will only provide protection from 10-20% of particles, however, have been proven to limit hand-to-face contact.

Reusable Masks with Filter Pockets

To further protect your clients and customers, we also offer custom printed face masks that feature an in-built pocket designed for removable filters.

The filters add extra protection to the mask, effectively blocking the vast majority of airborne particles. Although the filters are disposable, the masks are designed to be washed and reused, and can be customised to feature your brand logo, messaging, colour sheme and more.

N95 Mask Protection

Designed to protect against 95% of airborne particles, the N95 mask is classified as PPE, equivalent to FFP2 in accordance to European standard EN 149:2001+A1:2009 and certified in accordance to standard GB2626.

With five layers of protection, the N95 is one of the safest disposable face coverings available.

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