Promotional Products to Showcase your Hotel’s Hospitality

Promotional merchandise to add the extra touch to your hospitality

In 2021, 4 out of 5 people planned a staycation in the UK with 55% of Brits saying they will still choose a UK staycation even when all international travel restrictions have been lifted.

So there’s no better time to impress your guests by adding the extra small touches to your accommodation and making them feel at home.

The room welcoming essentials

Step up your refreshment game, with a wide range of custom-branded teas, coffees, and biscuits as soon as your guests enter their rooms.

Elevate your in-room services with our range of sugar sticks, coffee sachets and tea bags that you can customise with your own branding. Our teabags come as the standard English Breakfast brew but we can offer other flavours upon request.

For drink accompaniments, we also offer individually wrapped biscuits that can be branded with a printed sticker, full-colour flow wrap, or even branded directly onto the biscuit itself. Choose from a range of classics that are everyone’s favourites such as Custard Creams, Shortbreads, Jammie Dodgers, Gingerbread men and chocolate chip cookies.

The bathroom essentials

It’s easy to forget the simple items when packing for a night away, so why not help your guests refreshen up with a range of branded bathroom essentials.

A simple pleat wrapped travel soap is the perfect size for guests staying a night or two and ensures the guest gets a fresh soap upon their arrival.

For a stronger scent, our visually pleasing handmade Aromatherapy Soap bar comes in a range of colours, made in the UK with essential oils. These can be wrapped in a compostable wrapper or sealed inside a cardboard box. We’ll print your logo and artwork onto a full-colour sticker that’s placed on each bar.

Our range of shower gels, shampoos and bubble baths come in 50ml bottles. These fragranced cosmetics can be mixed and matched along with conditioner to provide an entire set for your guests.

We also offer four bottles, branded, packed into a toiletry bag to create a travel set for your guests should you wish for them to take any remaining products and save them from going to waste.

While providing towels is a standard in hotels, we offer organic cotton towels that can be embroidered with your hotel logo. Branded towels are brilliant for hotels with spa facilities to add to the luxury of your hotel image. Available in three sizes and in a range of colours, including classic traditional white.

Offering chocolate on a pillow is seen as a simple gesture from a hotel that symbolises luxury. If your towels are presented on the bed or in the bathroom, why not add a small Neapolitan chocolate square on top as well?

Two other small extras that don’t usually come as a standard, but provide additional comfort for guests, are cotton slippers and bathrobes. Although these are more suitable for hotels with spas, they are also great to offer for guests staying in premium rooms with added luxuries or honeymoon suites.

The hotel slippers are available in two sizes and are brandable with your hotel’s logo or marketing messages on the strap across the foot while the bathrobe can be embroidered on the chest or pockets.

Whether your customers are simply lounging around their hotel room or heading to the pool, make sure they’re doing it in style.

Hotel Staff essentials

Whether your staff wear branded pin badges or use lanyards to hold their ID, you can help your guests get to know your staff while ensuring they’re dressed professionally.

Our range of badges features eco-friendly options made from recyclable plastic to help switch your plastic products to more sustainable options.

The bamboo blackboard name badges are a great choice for an eco badge option as staff can write their own names on each badge so badges can be re-used at any time.

We also offer bamboo, plant fibre and rPET lanyards if you’re looking for more eco options for your hotel. If you attend any exhibitions or events, our personalised badges and lanyards can help promote your hotel as well as help you get recognised.

Printed Hotel Signage

Ensure your guests are left undisturbed as they get a restful night’s sleep with the traditional door hanger. Made from recyclable PP our door hangers can be printed in full colour both front and back. We can also provide wooden engraved hangers for a more rustic approach.

Our table talkers are low cost and great for presenting menus in hotels with restaurants or bars as well as advertising special events and providing information in guests’ rooms. Made from FSC certified card, we can print these signs in full colour in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any area of your hotel.

At Sycal, we offer countless options to help promote your hotel and build your brand. Speak to a member of our team today about your requirements.

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