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Custom Branded Seed Sticks

Eco friendly and creative promotion

Every single month, we’re scouting the world for the most influential and innovative promotional merchandise options designed to boost your brand identity as effectively as possible.

During the national lockdown, gardening has taken centre stage as a new hobby for Brits confined to their homes. The sales of plants, flowers, and vegetables were recorded as 20 times higher during lockdown than in the previous year. Here at Sycal, we want to help continue that hobby with our fun and creative Seed sticks.

Seed sticks are matchbook-style packets of branded seeded paper that offer the perfect solution to give your brand a little promotional green boost. When planted, these little sticks will grow and sprout, leaving a living and lasting impression.

Made in the UK from 100% recycled board, you can choose from a wide range of bespoke package shapes to promote your brand. Whether you’re a construction firm looking for a hard hat, or a brewery looking for a pint glass, you can offer any custom shape to help grow your brand recognition with your customers.

The choices don’t end there, you can pick the type of seed on your sticks including flowers, herbs, fruit, vegetables and trees. Your entire seed packet can be customised from back to front; stick to seed, to help reflect your company’s identity. Seed sticks are engaging and rewardful for the receiver and will be a constant reminder of your brand every inch it grows.

Seed sticks planted

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