Promotional anti-theft backpack

Every month in 2019, we’re exploring the world of new and innovative promotional merchandise options designed to promote your brand as effectively as possible.

Despite a long period of decline, government statistics have shown that theft is currently on the rise across the United Kingdom, with over 1600 pickpocket offenses recorded every day.

So why not ensure that you’ve got your customers back and help them avoid becoming a crime statistic.

This month, we’re taking a look at a promotional tool that offers both practicality and security to your customers and clients: Bobby Bizz The Anti-Theft Backpack/Briefcase.

Inside Bobby Bizz anti-theft backpack

Did you know that almost 20% of all thefts occur on public transport. When you compare that statistic to the rising number of people commuting to work it’s clear that people need better security when they’re on the go. That’s exactly why we offer a range of customisable backpacks, all designed to showcase your brand identity whilst keeping your valuables safe.

One stand-out model is the Bobby Bizz, a multi-functional bag to help make commuting as simple and safe as possible. Doubling up as both a backpack and a briefcase, the bag offers the following features:

  • Zinc alloy lock to secure it to any fixed object
  • USB charging port
  • Hidden zippers and pockets
  • Metal frame for rigidity
  • Cut resistant
  • Water repelent fabric
  • Illuminating safety stripes
  • Compartment to fit a 12.9″ tablet
  • Compartment to fit a 15.6″ laptop



Not only are these rucksacks highly functional, but can be personalised to feature your brand logo and messaging clearly across the front and top, as well as on the straps.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can promote your brand with custom anti-theft backpacks, speak to one of our team today. Call us on 01234 841741 or drop us an email at


promotional anti-theft bag