Boosting your brand one sheet at a time

When you consider the growing number of cost-effective technology merchandise options available, it may come as a surprise that promotional paper products are still rising in popularity amongst a wide range of clients. Whether it’s the feeling of receiving something personal, or their useful nature, paper products still have the edge over electronic alternatives.

At Sycal, we’re expanding our already extensive range of diaries and notepads to provide our customers with more opportunities to get personal with paper. Whether you’re looking for cost-effective options, leather-bound luxury goods, or 100% recycled items, we’re here to make sure you’re sourcing the branded 2019 diaries and notepads that are right for your customers.

Merchandise worth writing home about

Over the last 35 years, we’ve seen promotional merchandise trends come and go. From novelty fads to innovative technologies, very few have been able to hold a candle to the effectiveness and popularity of pads of paper.

Even with the convenience and accessibility of smartphones and tablets, writing pads are still extremely handy promotional tools for work, studying or using at home. In fact, research by the Association of Psychological Science found that writing notes on paper is far better for recollection and understanding than using a mobile device or computer.

Designed to be with your customers wherever they go, you can promote your brand on a daily basis.

Showcasing your brand in-house

If you’re looking to invest in your corporate identity, your office is the best place to start. Although branded office paper products may not increase your brand visibility to the outside world, they have been proven to help employees feel more like part of the team when received.

Whether it’s calendars, writing pads, sticky notes or anything in between, we’re on hand to ensure your offices are on brand and looking great.

If you’d like to provide your customers or employees with a personal and practical gift, get in touch today on 01234 841741 or contact us via email at