promotional powerbanks


Do your clients experience ‘Low Battery Anxiety?’ In 2016, research by electronics giant LG found that nearly 9 out of 10 people start to develop genuine concern when they see their red battery symbol. There’s no wonder that promotional power banks have been one of 2018’s most popular promotional marketing products.

Although designed to charge your client’s smart devices, these products are just as effective at powering your brand image. As portable technologies become more and more accessible to a wider customer base, the demand for external power sources is continuously growing. So why not help fulfil that demand and promote your organisation in the process?

promotional power bank


With the ever increasing demand for smart devices, there are very few demographics that powerbanks don’t appeal to.  From keyring sized and upwards, we can offer you a wide range of customisable portable chargers, capable of charging today’s top-range smartphone up to four-times from empty. With wireless charging capabilities available on certain models, powerbanks are the perfect promotional gifts for on-the-go customers… but why stop there with practicality?

New products like the Smart Fusion Speaker provides your customers with a portable speaker that features powerful device charging capabilities. The product provides both crystal clear sound quality as well as an impressive 6,000mAh battery, capable of charging the latest Samsung Galaxy phone twice from empty. Both stylish and practical, the merchandise option also boasts a noise reduction microphones, allowing it to be used for group conference calls without the fear of external interruptions. To find out more, click here.

When it comes functionality, very few products come close to the practicality or promotional power of the brand new Powerbank Payment Fob. Unlike any other portable phone charger on the market, the Powerbank Payment Fob uses bPay; Barclaycard’s contactless technology, meaning that you can make payments of £30 and under with one simple touch of the device. Small enough to fit on your keyring and fully brandable, this is the perfect merchandise option to keep your brand in the eye of your consumer day-in and day-out. To find out more, click here.

With the world so dependent on their phones, become your consumer’s saviour when their battery dies, with bespoke chargers from Sycal. Available in a huge range of styles, colours and capacities, our power banks can be personalised with your logo and message, ensuring that you’re the brand customers see when they need a helping hand. To find out more about our bespoke mobile chargers and how they can help power your brand image, get in touch. Find us online at, or call us on 01234 841741.